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ask me about my new client and existing client specials, i specialize in all matters of life,chat with me today for a better tommorow


Hello my name is Aria. I am here to help those in need of guidance in all matters of life and love, i have helped many people for over 10 years find clarity, and overcome there most difficult obstacles in life such as, love/relationships/infedelity, family/children/pets, career/finance, depression/anxiety, etc. i can help guide you through it and show you the right path to success and happiness. i truly care about my clients and want to see them succeed and fully understand there self-worth! i am non-judgmental so there is nothing to be ashamed to ask, i will always be honest and tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, let me help you find the road to happiness in which you deserve.

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for over ten years i have been guiding others to find there right path in life, i also work with purple ocean. internet and email readings. & private in office readings. and full time profession. PLEASE keep in mind I do not work for free callers must verify payment capability

do you have an addiction? is this addiction leading you to destruction? come to me and i can help you overcome your addiction and beat temptation.


NEW SERVICE NOW AVAILIBLE TO MY BITWINE CLIENTS. (SEXUAL ENERGY HEALING) this is something I only offer to my private in office clients. take advantage of this opportunity while you can at a discounted price!

PACKAGE #1 $69.00 one spiritual candle session used to send him/her sexual healing thoughts and sensations to enhance the connection!

PACKAGE #2 $89.00 same as package #1 but INCLUDES an additional candle used to target sexual DREAMS! this package is very intense and causes very REAL/VIVID DREAMS to keep you on the mind of your significant other. these dreams are so strong and realistic that they can lead to climax! you may also let me know in detail the type of dreams and visions you would like to send to him/her.

PACKAGE #3 $105.99 this is the ultimate SEXUAL HEALING THERAPY PACKAGE! includes everything from package #1 and #2 but also send direct energy that allows the person of interest to SEE. FEEL. SMELL AND TOUCH YOU AND BE TOUCHED BY YOU IN AN INTENSE AND MOST PLEASURABLE WAY! if you want to be on some ones mind 24/7 this is the way to do it! it will reconnect the two spiritually and add a passion that will not escape the mind body and soul! it leaves the person waking up feeling sensitive to the tough and binds the two together. it does not matter if the person of interest is in a relationship with you or some one else. IT WORKS NO MATTER WHAT!

message me for any details…

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07 Dec 2017 satisfactory ranking erika (unregistered)

was good.

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12 Nov 2017 satisfactory ranking mosweu

Thanks. Clear though not much detail.

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21 Oct 2017 satisfactory ranking shazashoo

Was ok...but lacked predictions. she is one of those readers that tells u your negativity is holding you back. She focused more on me and my “negativity” then giving any type of prediction for future.

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13 Oct 2017 satisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

I felt it was only OK. Didn't and wasn't as detailed and in depth as I had hoped for. Generic and vague descrp along with predictions. I have had better in less time..where they were straightforward and typed paragraphs in less than 10 mins. She was slower to respond and it was like this..tall..skinny guy..and anything else? I felt like she wasn't very forthcoming or informative. Ehhhh...ok I guess.

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07 Oct 2017 satisfactory ranking lovehelp

Connected good..Nailed the other person will be back to update..Try her won't go wrong!

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