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With my online readings I give an honest insightful reading, bringing you peace of mind. I use the Tarot cards, my psychic ability and my spirit guides to make a strong connection with you. I am given visions, words and future happenings to pass on. I have a natural ability to link with my clients by picking up on their energy and focussing on helping to resolve their problems. I give guidance on the future and can clearly show the path forward for them. I have helpfully helped my online clients in many areas including love, relationships, family, and work and careers. Gentle honesty is also very important to me in my readings.

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My clairvoyant abilities probably come from the fact that I am descended from Romanies .I have the ability to look into your past, present and future, to empower you to make progressive choices. I will show you through the Tarot that there is no wrong or right – only choice. I can work with or without cards, if you prefer me not to use cards during your reading please tell me. I am honest, direct, positive, very detailed and helpful with my psychic readings. My readings should always generate hope and light. I use tarot to link to images past and present and to places and people. I feel the answers to all questions are within each of us and I hope to show people the options they have. I am never judgemental, always honest and although I won’t just tell people what they think they want to hear I am always gentle. I will bring you great comfort and peace of mind. I can help you forgive yourself and find forgiveness for others. I have an amazing connection to spirit as a medium, Tarot reader and clairvoyant


My natural psychic ability was passed to me from my mother. People have always been drawn to me since I was a teenager, as I have grown and matured over the years, so has my psychic awareness and understanding of the spirit world. Dream analysis is a strong gift of mine. My spirit guides have been my teachers, they have taught me and guided me through many years of readings, guiding and empowering people to move forward with their lives. I have always been passionate about my readings, and I aim for the higher good in all situations. I have Romany blood, so from a very early age I could see guides, angels and the fairies. I was aware of spirit around me and could see other people’s guides around them. As with many children, these abilities seemed to wane as I became older and the world made demands upon me to become ‘normal’. In my early twenties I went to a psychic development circle and at last met like-minded people. I learnt Tarot, then started to read Tarot cards professionally. I always felt supported by spirit. I was able to accept that wherever I was in life was where I was meant to be – even the hard times – because they help you overcome the doubt you hold about yourself. I can look into the window of your life, see how you got there, where you can go and the blocks that are within you, or caused by others. I have been reading tarot cards for more than 15 years. I have always read for friends and family and have been delighted when I have been able to help. After suffering setbacks and loss in my own life I’ve found my gift has been strengthened – I feel I have more people to guide me on the other side! I have a strong faith in God and Spirit, but also in people. As a child I would get asked by grown women how to sort out family and other problems. I must admit I did not always understand their questions but I seemed to be able to say the right words. All my psychic work is done by intuition and by guidance from the spirit of the universe of which we are part. I have never belonged to a group or circle as I personally found them constricting, but use life skills and the knowledge that comes from living life with all its hard knocks and surviving. I prefer to work as a psychic giving readings over the phone as I find I can connect more easily at a distance. I find that I am able to help people to see things from a different perspective and help them to find peace and inner strength.

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