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I will help you answer whether the person you are with is the right one for you or not.I will thereby help in relationship reading/love reading and answer your questions related to that. I can also help with career-related difficulties or job opportunities you have on your way.

Tool Used: Image of your face

Try me out, I will surely give out my 100 percent for you.

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I am an International Moderator & Approved Face Reader at Psychic & Medium Readings, Para physics, Metaphysics, and Predictive Readings and at Paid Psychic Readings (Facebook Groups of almost 25000 members in total)

I think reviews of people would better say if I deliver the services which I promise.Some of them are:

"I had a face reading by Nitesh.9/7/2017. He is truly gifted. I felt a connection to him as he was reading … He was so right on everything.. has such a pleasant being a soft and beautiful soul … Saw insight on my inner feelings .. it felt good to hear a voice to reassure me that what I have been feeling and have felt for such a long time. Thank u very much.. Love and Blessing for a big heart :)" -Sharon S. Key Southern

“Experience the unbelievable by yourself. Pretty Impressive” -Ankit Gupta


Why did I become a reader? Accidentally, I discovered a face reader in me, I liked one girl during my school days and I usually felt shy talking to her, so I was mulling on what topic to start so that I can talk to her for long on, I was looking at her profile pic on WhatsApp and I asked if I could tell something about her seeing her face, basically it was meant for ice breaker but whatever I told she said "it was correct".

So I sort of got happy and I thought it was a fluke, then I read many faces of her hostel’s friends to impress her with my abilities and they were also impressed with the readings given, so that is how the face reader in me was founded in the year 2012 and unofficial journey continued there on which led to launch of my website in 2017 after practicing my skills immensely on my friends and colleagues.

What was my most rewarding experience as a reader? So I am presenting the instance which let me felt when I was reading for Kaylee Shaw who was my first admin in Psychic & Medium Reading.

I got my first paid reading on 12 August 2017 and it was also a story in itself. My Admin connected to me and asked for a mini reading and when I saw her photograph I gave her a mini read and I continued for a detailed reading telling her that I won’t take any charge even if I do a reading for you completely. I told this because I was into her face and things were coming out from her and I didn’t want to stop, so after the reading, she was highly impressed and deposited $25 in my PayPal account.

What was one of my most challenging experiences as a reader? My most challenging experience happened when one lady asked me, which sex my child will be born of, I was astonished as it is not covered under my domain.I concentrated and I discovered that she has a great urge for a boy which she told was right but I didn’t predict that it will be a boy as I was not sure if it will be or not. So yes, I accepted my limitations but I was happy that I was able to make what she desired.

What makes my services unique? I think reading a life of a person by just looking at the face is something which distinguishes me completely from the other readers. I think not requiring name or cards to predict how the person is something which differentiates me from others. I also advise people to bring subtle changes which can help improve their future life.

Readings are meant for entertainment purpose

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