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I am very grateful to have such a gift to help people and their live’s, and to guide them in the right direction. Let’s discover whats in store for you.

Are you feeling lost, confused, hurt, heartbroken, or worried? Looking to be reunited with a lost lover? Need help transitioning to a new career, or just simply need clarification and guidance? I specialize in Love/Relationship, Destiny/Life Path, Career/Work, & Spirit Guides.

I am here to guide you to the right path and help you find the answers. Through my intuition abilities I can put your mind at peace, help you uncover the truth, bring forward deceptions, relieve self-doubts, and help you find what it is you want.

Tarot Cards • Aura Readings • Love Readings • Chakra Balancing • Meditation Sessions • Spells & more!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

~ Natural born gifted Psychic ~

Empath ~ Clairvoyant ~ Medium ~ Energy Healer ~ & I also specialize in Tarot Cards ~


I am a born gifted Psychic, at a very young age I started experiencing many paranormal encounters because of my sensitivity. I would also start to pick up energy from people, I felt what they were thinking, how they left, and what they were going through. Over the years, I have had family members help me get my ability stronger and to where I am now. Because of my personal knowledge of other energies and beings around us; I strongly emphasize channeling others’ thoughts, remaining positive, & releasing bondages that might be holding up their energy.

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05 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking Rp2285 (unregistered)

Her reading made no sesnse! She wentfrom saying that he loves me and thinks of me and wants to be with me to saying he will communicate with other females to explore hia love life!

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01 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bluerms

Yes I could have turned down your offer & maybe thats what I should have done but you said "I feel we should begin a cleansing on him, to remove the negativity, and these blockages, for him to feel more balanced and at peace, and to clear this confusion in his life I will help you and guide you and him into the right direction, so that the aura, energy, vibration & communication can be strong again" No signs of that sorry just being honest.

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31 Jul 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bluerms

Not sure how to feel she convinced me to spend $30 on chakra session, the next day she said that the negativity was too strong & would need more sessions $75 worth. Told me I would notice signs & some changes with the 1st 2 sessions but I have yet to see them. I will update if I do but I honestly do not feel that I should spend $75 to remove negativity from someone-unless I see some signs but thanks

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10 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

No way Jose. Oh boy what a unbelievable reading..she kept repeating that she felt very connected with me...are u sure?! Apparently she saw a man of a race i do not and would not date or be attracted to. Life is freewill and i will be back for my refund in August. I felt like i had to repeat my question over like 4 times...i had to drag it out of her..she gave a very vague generic descp...dark hair dark eyes. It's almost laughable...she's going to say i am stuck on the man from the past...i have moved on..met plenty of other men..i don't think anyone knows how i feel. What a let down...just disappointed overall...

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09 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking netta2147

Refund please, i just got a call from a female saying that her and steven cheated and alex does want to be with me, he wrote a subliminal message to me on facebook wanting to start over. Refund me please, also at the beginning of the session you were repeating what i was saying some what and not really answering my question. Refund.

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