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Matt Allen, Intuitive Consultant & Life Coach


Fast-typist with a warm, compassionate, yet straightforward style. I use my intuition to zero in on your partner’s mindset, emotions, and expectations for your relationship. I focus on the present and near future to provide practical insight into a better love life. GLBTQ friendly.

You might be wondering “what is an Intuitive Consultant, and how can you help me?” Good question! I can provide detailed information around your romantic partner’s expectations around the relationship, how they are feeling emotionally and what growth/changes you can expect in the near future. I’m upfront and do not sugar coat.

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My ultimate goal in a reading is to provide useful, timely information to my clients to help them make informed decisions. Because of this, I typically do not give long-range predictions. I.E: I can tell you what your ex is feeling about you in the near future, but I likely will not be able to tell you if you will reunite. I do not read on whether a love connection is a Soul Mate or Twin flame connection

note on minimum payment: Due to policies that pay-pal has recently implemented; I’m unable to accept transactions under $20. Any transactions under 20 will be refunded and the session will be ended.


Over the last Decade, Matt has worked with clients both in-office, online and over the phone on issues such as Divorce, Relationship, dating, marriage, and relationship break ups.


Q: Do you Provide Career Readings?

A:Yes, I love doing career readings.

Q:I’m single and want advice around Dating, can you help?

A: Yes! In particular, I can help feel out potential dates, and give you a heads up on any creeps. I’m also testing out a coaching program to help clients have more success in their dating endeavors. Message me if you are interested.

Q: I’m going through a rough patch with my boyfriend/girlfriend, can you help?

A: Yes! I can help uncover the root cause of the fighting and behaviors you are seeing from your loved one and provide insight on how to grow the relationship.

Do you have any questions about my work? Feel free to send a message.

I’m unable to cover Health, pregnancy, or legal questions.

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07 Nov 2017 excellent ranking breanna07

Honest. Thank you very much.

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07 Nov 2017 excellent ranking houseofedwards

Thank you for ALWAYS having my back matt. I like the way you've approached every reading we've had. You knew all year long how things would be and you couldn't stand seeing me go through the trenches alone but you've been immensely helpful i can't thank you enough and for the record hun I'm not in the states :)

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05 Nov 2017 excellent ranking soulrider

I have been to him before and I trust his readings

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02 Nov 2017 excellent ranking bunny251

No words.. connection is too good.. Looking forward for what to unfold.. thanks matt

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25 Oct 2017 excellent ranking hunterbrook

I'm at a loss of words, only thing I can say is amazing. He told me things where all I could say is wow, how did you know about that. Getting a reading from Matt is so worth it and still trying to figure out how he knew something that's going to be happening in March. Unreal that he told me the month of an event which I knew about. Kudos to you and really worth the $$ and time. I'll be back.

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