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hello my name is Esmeralda. i am a gifted psychic and advisor for over 14 years now. who comes from a long line of clairvoyance. my gift has been past down tome frommy great aunt Marlana. and other relitives who are natura born psychics. i am a very in depth reader! i do not give false hope. im here to answer those devistating questions like. is he/she cheating? iks he/she coming back? have i found my soulmate? is my career going anywhere? am i even on the right ath in life?

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ALSO!!! i would like for my clients to understand life changes on a daily basis due to free will. we can only control ourselfs & the choices we make. not the choices of others arund us! but by being aware and informed with the guidance needed we can help those around us come closer to finding there way! WARNING!!! i do not sugarcoat anything. i tell you what i see when i see it! i dont mean to sound harsh but i strongly belive in honesty. i use my tools to look far into your situation and the situation of those around you to help you dec

14 years experiance. psychic source. keen. kasamba. purple ocean. internet and email readings. private in office readings. and full time profession. PLEASE keep in mind I do not work for free and be sure to be a registered bitwine customer!


NEW SERVICE NOW AVAILIBLE TO MY BITWINE CLIENTS. (SEXUAL ENERGY HEALING) this is something I only offer to my private in office clients. take advantage of this opportunity while you can at a discounted price!

PACKAGE #1 $69.00 one spiritual candle session used to send him/her sexual healing thoughts and sensations to enhance the connection!

PACKAGE #2 $89.00 same as package #1 but INCLUDES an additional candle used to target sexual DREAMS! this package is very intense and causes very REAL/VIVID DREAMS to keep you on the mind of your significant other. these dreams are so strong and realistic that they can lead to climax! you may also let me know in detail the type of dreams and visions you would like to send to him/her.

PACKAGE #3 $105.99 this is the ultimate SEXUAL HEALING THERAPY PACKAGE! includes everything from package #1 and #2 but also send direct energy that allows the person of interest to SEE. FEEL. SMELL AND TOUCH YOU AND BE TOUCHED BY YOU IN AN INTENSE AND MOST PLEASURABLE WAY! if you want to be on some ones mind 24/7 this is the way to do it! it will reconnect the two spiritually and add a passion that will not escape the mind body and soul! it leaves the person waking up feeling sensitive to the tough and binds the two together. it does not matter if the person of interest is in a relationship with you or some one else. IT WORKS NO MATTER WHAT!

message me for any details…


love/relationships/sexual healing. soulmate connections. marriage/family/infidelity. career/finances. aura cleansing. chakra balancing. meditation. dream interpretation. and much more!!!

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26 Aug 2017 satisfactory ranking PineappleParadise (unregistered)

Will see what happens in two weeks.

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25 Aug 2017 satisfactory ranking chellie31 (unregistered)

She appears to be in tune with the situation. We will see if the future prediction pans out.

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18 Aug 2017 satisfactory ranking slc81

Sometimes God sends his words through others. She's a blessing for me. And i didn't feel it was "fake" or fluff. Hope all is true. TY!

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