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Hello, My name is Michelle Stevens, and I’m a psychic adviser and a relationship coach. I have the ability to read your energy and the other people’s energy in your surroundings. I am able to tune into your vibrational pulse through spiritual profiling. All I would need is your name and date of birth and I would be able to read your past, your present and your future. My services provide tarot reading, crystal meditation, past life regression, chakra balancing and cosmic energy healing. If you’re feeling lost and confused about what life decision to make, allow me to connect to your spirit guides and help you reach your spiritual potential. If you’re struggling in a relationship, allow me to guide you through it and get down to the roots of your problems. If you’re interested in my services, please let me know, I’d be more than glad to help.

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I first discovered I had this ability at 9 years old and started reading people’s energy and seeing their auras. I am 19 years old but I’ve been giving readings ever since I was 16. I’ve helped and guided so many people whether it had to do with career choices, love and relationships or even just spiritual understanding. I started giving readings professionally at 18 and ever since had satisfied clients and so much more experience.


For nearly ten years, I’ve learned to master many ancient techniques used to give my reading. I am a tarot card reader and also very experienced in chakra balancing and crystal meditation. I’ve learned how to use my natural gifts through meditation and chakra balancing. I am able to connect to your spirit guides and tell you everything they want you to know. I have mended relationships, Helped people make important life decisions and helped people seek spiritual understanding.

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