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Hello welcome to my profile here on Bitwine. My name is Penelope Anne and I am a Spiritual advisor, intuitive guide and life coach. I have over 18 years of experiance within the metaphysical field, I answer questions in regards to all life matters and specialize in you! No matter your questions or concerns I can help you find clarity, understanding and peace of mind. By connecting with your energy I am able to tap in to not only your energy but the energy surrounding you and your partners as well. I am clairvoyant, clairaudiant and I am also an spiritual healer. I do use some tools to help me gain a bit more insight into your situation and provide you with in depth answers. The tools I use are Tarot cards, crystals, runes and I also communicate with my spirit guides. I do ask the you please provide me with your full name and date of birth along with your partners full name and date of birth as well. this allows a stronger connect with your energy and theirs

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PLEASE respect my time as I do intend to respect yours. DO NOT send a chat if you have NO INTENTION of accepting the payment request. I do not provide free readings nor do I answers questions for free. Once the introductory 3mins are up be prepared to accept the payment request.


ATTN: I DO NOT offer free reading nor do I offer connect before pay after the 3 minute introductory are over. At that point if you choose to proceed with a session it is per minute or a deal offered not FREE. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but these are the rules. If you are looking for free answers or a free reading please look for a different advisor.


I am the owner and operator of 2 metaphysical workshops in the state of Texas.I am clairvoyant and clairaudient along with being a spiritual healer and reiki master. I am an advisor on Bitwines sister company Purple ocean and provide readings there as well.

Meditation offered for $125 a session Below is a list of benefits you may expect to gain from meditating: Physical Benefits ⦁Reduced levels of free radicals that cause tissue damage. ⦁Decreased metabolic rate. ⦁Lower heart rate. ⦁Reduced work load of the heart. ⦁Lowered levels of cortisol and lactate, chemicals associated with stress. ⦁Decreased high blood pressure. ⦁Drop in cholesterol levels, lowering risk for cardiovascular disease. ⦁Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing. ⦁Healings from chronic diseases (allergies, arthritis etc.) ⦁Improved post-operative healing. ⦁Higher levels of DHEAS, decreasing the aging process. ⦁Higher skin resistance due to decrease in stress and anxiety levels. ⦁Immunity enhancement.

Psychological Benefits ⦁General feelings of well-being ⦁Normalized brain wave activity ⦁Greater creativity ⦁Increased clarity in thinking ⦁Increased learning ability ⦁Increased levels of energy ⦁Increased abilities of healing and rejuvenation ⦁Decreased anxiety, depression and irritability ⦁Increased emotional stability ⦁Increased ability to deal with difficult situations and people ⦁ Increased self-control

Spiritual Benefits Meditation is primarily for the seeker of knowledge. There is a whole science behind it, based on teachings from thousands of years ago. The spiritual benefits are too numerous to list, and depend on the sincerity, orientation, and persistence of the spiritual seeker. If done correctly, meditation energizes your awareness, bringing peace and wisdom, expanding your capacity to love unconditionally, and prepares the soul for deep spiritual communion with God.

Energy sweeping offered for $175 a session An energy sweep allows you to remove all of the heavy/negative energy surrounding you. What ever may be suppressing you and preventing you from reaching your goals, love, happiness and stability. Allowing room for positive energy to flow freely so you may take hold of any and all opportunities available to you with out uncertainty or fear of regret. My focus and intention is to remove congested, contaminated or diseased energy, as well as smooth, energize or re-distribute excess (Ki) energy throughout your body. Benefits of Sweeping – Sweeping cleanses and strengthens, plus facilitates the healing process by Removing congested (excess) or diseased (Ki) energy by cleansing and unclogging meridians (energy channels), thus allowing fresh (Ki) energy to flow to the affected area to facilitate the healing process. Expelling toxins, wastes, germs and dirty energy by disentangling and strengthening the body’s health rays. Directing (Ki) energy to help weaker areas Sealing holes or tears in the aura to prevent (Ki) energy leaks.

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