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I can tell you about your love life, present, past and future. I will tell you what is coming for you and what is good for you. Together we can walk and talk into the light to correct your stumbling blocks and issues, to open the doors to all you are entitled to and will know what is coming for us. I will tell you what is going for you and what is coming in your way. You can contact me to know what is coming in your way. You can contact with me to know about your relationship and connection with your lovers. Natural born psychic with extra God gifted abilities and visions of powers. I use my spiritual and psychic powers.You can join me any time for psychic readings. I am a gifted seer and psychic blessed to empower people with life’s truths and spiritual guidance needed in order to get through these difficult and uncertain times. I’m referred to as Love Whisperer because I sense compatibility and see where a relationship is headed before events unfold.
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Certified Spiritual Healer

FIU Grad Majoring In Psychology.

I have a local psychic shop located in South Florida where I attend to clients on a daily basis.


I have been born with this gift to read people and give them insights on there life path. I have been doing readings since I was 9-10 years old. I come from a long line of psychics in my family as well. I will give you the good news and the bad news. I will give you an honest reading.. which is not straight out of a fairy tale! You can ask me any question of your choice, and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

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10 Aug 2018 unsatisfactory ranking yulee1990

Reader is vague, rude, negative and unable to clarify questions when asked. Kinda of disappointed.

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23 May 2017 unsatisfactory ranking yani87

1st she says theres communication with another female but its not serious, then says I do feel someone around him. She is taking his attention away and coming between us spiritually so how can that not be serious communication with another female? Told me to stay in prayer to remove this other womans energy bc it was strong and negative. So contradicting.

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