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Finally find clarity in your life with a 99% accuracy rate and quick connection skills let Genesis help you to help yourself. She specializes in Love, But can help in all aspects in life such as, Career, family and spiritual growth. she dose not sugar coat or create false hope i am here to guide you not mislead you are you struggling with love, Genesis can give you the clarity that your lover has been neglecting from you..this is a safe place to speak about whats on your mind, and heart, my goal for each reading is for it to end with a clear, peace of mind, feeling lighter and at peace. Contact me today for a better tomorrow.

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Your Favorite Shrink/Psychic Genesis Grace,

holds a masterʼs degree in counseling psychology from New York University and a masterʼs and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, Relationship Expert

What makes me stand out from most psychics, is not only can i tell you whats going to happen spiritually. but can guide u professionally through it.

Clairsentience (Clear sensing) – I can feel and describe energy and emotions from other people. i also can feel there thoughts about you.

Clairvoyant - I  have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. i

Healer Of All Things Spiritual – you would be surprised how many people are living with negative forces, energy,or blockages on there life. i can remove these, or help one to remove it themselves through meditation sessions i provide.


Gifted with psychic ability from birth, Genesis has spent over20 years being a spiritual liaison for those in need of life healing, growth, and strength. Genesis has helped many people gain clarity on their life, and straighten out their paths with their new found wisdom. Offering Tarot, Fortune, and Past Life Regression Readings, I also specialize in dream analyzation, and helping other psychics learn how to use there gift to it’s best ability. Alow me to help you help yourself. she has a natural ability to read individuals as well as service them with life coaching. I offer a look into your past and future with my Psychic, Tarot and Past Life Regression Readings. Call, or message me to finally receive the answers you’ve been looking for

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13 Oct 2017 excellent ranking ash1027

very well connected. thanks for a great reading

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13 Oct 2017 excellent ranking slavica123

I love her name energy and sense of what you NEED TO KNOW she has gift. Love her reading and I will be BACK. Can talk to her for hrs if I could who knows energy can feel she is GREAT INDIGO.LOVE SOUL.Ty Grace

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12 Oct 2017 excellent ranking mario1111

She was simply amazing AF. She came up with answers like she was in the persons shoes! Mind is blown

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09 Oct 2017 excellent ranking gemstone2016

Amazing reader, she picks up without saying much knows things about people u don't mention. She is amazing and genuine and very talented. I am still speechless , she did also mediumship and everything was true. Thank u so much on the insight and advice You were spot on . Will keep u posted thanks again!!

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07 Oct 2017 excellent ranking Sheila (unregistered)

She picked up on so much. Very good!

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