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Oracle Card Readings


I offer several different types of services to help with your needs! I can help with romance, career, finances, health, and many other issues.

Oracle Card Readings: I have many decks to pick from, and oracle cards can be a wonderful source of information about the past & advice about the present & future.

Akashic Record Readings: Your Akashic Records are the energetic archives of your soul’s journey during its time on earth. You can learn about past lives and what might be holding you back in the present.

Reiki: I channel the universal vibration of love to promote healing in any area of your life.

Spiritual Coaching: I can help answer your spiritual questions and help you develop a plan for spiritual growth.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My Spiritual & Energetic Qualifications

Trained & certified as a Spiritual Counselor by The Awakenings Institute.

Trained & certified as a Spiritual Coach by the World Coach Institute.

Trained & initiated as a Wiccan Priestess by the Lilith’s Circle Coven, in the lineage of the Cauldron of Sorn.

Trained & certified as an Akashic Record Reader by the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies.

Trained & certified as a Level I Holistic EFT Practitioner by The Awakenings Institute.

Trained & certified as a Jorei Practitioner by Jorei Teacher & Healer Yoshio Umezaki.

Trained & certified as an ICRT Usui Reiki Master by Reiki Master Rebecca Thompson.

Trained & certified as a Crystal Reiki Master by the Light & Love School of Energy Medicine.

Trained & certified as a Reiki Drumming Practitioner by Reiki Master Julie Russell.

Trained & certified as a Violet Flame Reiki Master by Reiki Master Connie Patton.

Trained &certified as a Seichim Master by The Universal Temple of Healing.

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