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IMPORTANT here’s somethings id like to share before getting reading with never be the first to end the chat so if any reason the chat ends during our reading please call back or message me to continue our reading, also please allow yourself to be honest and opened with me I would never share any information and I will not judge you holding back would just give mixed emotions. signals. answers. timeframes. and lastly please give accurate names and date of births! thank you!


through your name and date of birth I am able to latch onto your spirit see into your past know your present and guide you to the right path for a brighter future, give you the clarity and peace of mind you deserve, I tune into my clients energy and provide them with helpful information and solutions that can help them through many topics including love.relationships.marriage.drug and alcohol abuse. matters. moving on. career. and much more,

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energy reading tapping into thoughts and emotions of another with time frames love $30

An hour detailed all topic reading with time frames $55

love candle $50

Karma Candle $55

Money Candle $40

{Love . career . money spells $45}

Spiritual cleansing $95-1500 (depending on how much needs to be done)

Reuniting past lovers $75 {per session depending on how many needed}


i have over 12 years of in person experience ive helped many friends and now help people from my office in san francisco and have done phone readings to help people from all over the world for about 3 years and hoping to share my guidace with tons more, ive learn the gift from my father up to the age of 9 till he passed away from there my grandmother not only helped me deal with his passing but helped me know more about our families history and meditate to still feel his presence, since then ive known that helping people is something i wanna do forever,

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14 Oct 2018 unsatisfactory ranking _infinity_ (unregistered)

Hung up on me acting like we got disconnected when she couldn't answer my questions....she didn't know what to say so just hung up...unprofessional

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