Hello everyone Ava is back online. Answering all messages. Very accurate predictions. Be open to following instruction given by Spirit and Angels. Real, gives details. My gift is from God. I don't deal with darker sources. I use my natural God Given Gift


A very warm and friendly hello to everyone. I am Gifted Star Ava, a caring and very spiritual advisor. I prefer the term "gifted" rather than psychic bc all My Credit I Give to God. I Pray for you, I do details, I guide, I communicate with angels. I have visions and give predictions and much more for my clients. Im very good at picking up past and future events and times. Future timing can change..

I look into love, life, and financial situations. I’ll give straight answers on if the person you are seeing or in love with feels the same. I’ll also let you know if there is cheating or an affair involved, as well as if there are any other person’s of love significance coming into your life along with names. I can give timelines but can vary. Remember timing is not always set in stone. If the situation in life that you are dealing with is not what you are looking for, or if you are having a hard time in a home situation or with family, I will give you predictions and insight. I do all this and more.

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I have a lifetime of experience in providing insight and predictions.


I have over 25 years working online alone with clients. I was born gifted. I always know when something isn’t "right" I get feelings about people and have the God-given gift of discernment. I believe it is better to give than to receive. Giving is what creates Joy in the heart. Giving and Joy lead to good "luck" or "good Karma".... blessings from God is what I prefer to say. I understand that everyone is different…. every reading will be different. I will not hold back in giving ‘bad news’. Sometimes when a situation is going bad, it is honestly a blessing in disguise. There is normally a good in every bad and a bad in every good…

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31 Oct 2017 excellent ranking houseofedwards

Oh my GOSH!!! This woman is like all the psychics bundled up in one!!! She knew EVERYTHING & when I say everything I'm talking details like I've never had with anyone ever before!!! I kept asking and she kept typing she is so fast and she won't stop so make sure you have your questions ready at the start. She doesn't judge. I can't deal right now she shocked me out of my boots! She even gave me a specific date for contact so I'll have to come back and update but I can't get over what this woman knew! Now I'm late to work lol!

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29 Sep 2017 excellent ranking marie33

Love you!! Always spot on.. Several of out prediction planned out, but I'm not shocked anymore because it's you! Love you dear Xoxo

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28 Sep 2017 excellent ranking underthestars

wow returned for updates, even revealed names that are involved in my situation that i did not even mention. OMG still have time to see this unfold

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27 Sep 2017 excellent ranking slc81

Amazing! She picked up on so much with just the names. Was able to hit on the current situation, picked up on my past,but I definitely look forward to what she sees I wish I had more time to talk I will absolutely be reaching back out to finish our conversation thanks a million!

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26 Sep 2017 excellent ranking mills27

I am absolutely blown away by Ava! The amount she picked up with just names was incredible, literally hit the nail on the head with everything, I am shocked. so many predictions, so much detail into what’s to come, You can see she really wants to help, so generous with her time, and just such a lovely lady. Can’t thank you enough! UPDATE.. first prediction has already happend, hoping the next one for the weekend also comes to pass! This lady is amazing x

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