Hello everyone Ava is back online. Answering all messages. Very accurate predictions. Be open to following instruction given by Spirit and Angels. Real, gives details. My gift is from God. I don't deal with darker sources. I use my natural God Given Gift


A very warm and friendly hello to everyone. I am Gifted Star Ava, a caring and very spiritual advisor. I prefer the term "gifted" rather than psychic bc all My Credit I Give to God. I Pray for you, I do details, I guide, I communicate with angels. I have visions and give predictions and much more for my clients. Im very good at picking up past and future events and times. Future timing can change..

I look into love, life, and financial situations. I’ll give straight answers on if the person you are seeing or in love with feels the same. I’ll also let you know if there is cheating or an affair involved, as well as if there are any other person’s of love significance coming into your life along with names. I can give timelines but can vary. Remember timing is not always set in stone. If the situation in life that you are dealing with is not what you are looking for, or if you are having a hard time in a home situation or with family, I will give you predictions and insight. I do all this and more.

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I have a lifetime of experience in providing insight and predictions.


I have over 25 years working online alone with clients. I was born gifted. I always know when something isn’t "right" I get feelings about people and have the God-given gift of discernment. I believe it is better to give than to receive. Giving is what creates Joy in the heart. Giving and Joy lead to good "luck" or "good Karma".... blessings from God is what I prefer to say. I understand that everyone is different…. every reading will be different. I will not hold back in giving ‘bad news’. Sometimes when a situation is going bad, it is honestly a blessing in disguise. There is normally a good in every bad and a bad in every good…

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30 Nov 2017 excellent ranking pretty64

Good reading and loads of insights

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28 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking kristie_c94

So so so sad. Didn’t connect and was ALL over the place. Then when I said she didn’t seem accurate she left chat when I said what she mentioned wasn’t correct. I want a refund. I have contacted bitwine for a complaint. Asked twice for a refund. She said poi was in and out of communication and it never happened that way -.- very disappointed and I would never recommend!!! She claims to refund money every day and never has!!! Lies about death in family. She’s toldnmy friends the same thing! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME

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28 Nov 2017 excellent ranking lovesick93


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11 Nov 2017 excellent ranking guesswho973

A little off on the contact date but she did say it would be either 7pm or 11pm. Text came thru at 6:59pm. Pretty impressive. :)

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06 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking natashanyc

Nice woman but 90% of the reading didnt resonate with with me. The common names like james,melissa,andrea and random dates of the past didnt make sense to me. She saw things that are not occuring at the moment and even took guesses at my profession and was VERY wrong. She didnt pick up on wat is currently happening with us just old things that didnt really happen as she saw. I really wanted to be wowd based on reviews but im sorry im not. The reading was in my favor and not at all bad but it was not a connection with my energy. The other 10% of the reading was obvious things anyone goin thru anything with there guy will go thru like : silent treatment. Shes so nice and comical but not for me. Thanks anyway. I hate leaving bad feedback but i hate wasting money even more. Best wishes to u Ava ...update: she gave me and another female the same predictions and dates. Its possible she uses the internet to look up your name for info.

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