Hi Everyone! Ava is back online. Deals, discounts, and nothing but truth. I am a compassionate loving yet very honest reader. I do what I love and I love what I do. I am very down to earth and owe it all to the Man Above! <3


A very warm and friendly hello to everyone. I am Gifted Star Ava, a caring and very spiritual advisor. I am doing what I am passionate about. give solid predictions but timing can always change. Predictions and outcomes do not change. I pick up DETAILS for reassurance for you to know that the reading is definite.

I look into love, life, and financial situations. I’ll give straight answers on if the person you are seeing or in love with feels the same. I’ll also let you know if there is cheating or an affair involved, as well as if there are any other person’s of love significance coming into your life along with names. I can give timelines but can vary. Remember timing is not always set in stone. If the situation in life that you are dealing with is not what you are looking for, or if you are having a hard time in a home situation or with family, I will give you predictions and insight. I do all this and more.

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I have a lifetime of experience in providing insight and predictions.


My experience not only covers predictions, but I also work with energy. If you have been stuck with thinking your outcome will be terrible, there are things I can do to help you get through it bc I tell the good and bad. REMEMBER: TREAT ME WITH RESPECT I AM JUST A PERSON.Please keep in mind that time frames can change but outcomes do not I AM NOT GOD. I DO HAVE A GIFT OF PROPHECY. I CAN HELP YOU. BUT DO NOT COME INTO MY CHAT BEING HATEFUL AND DEMANDING. I AM NICE AND KIND, I WILL TAKE MY TIME WITH YOU AND OFFER REASONABLE RATES FOR READINGS. I HONESTLY ASK THAT YOU ARE CALM COMING INTO THE CHAT SO IT DOES NOT NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOUR READING. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED BADLY AND I AM VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD WITH OUTCOMES, BUT I DO ASK THAT YOU FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN READINGS AND WHEN WE DO ENERGY WORK. YOUR DECISIONS CAN AFFECT OUTCOMES, REMEMBER THAT. I AM A PAID READER. I DO NOT GIVE FREE READINGS. THIS IS A PAID SITE. THIS IS HOW I FEED MY FAMILY I EXPECT THE SAME RESPECT IN RETURN.I will give you predictions and can oftentimes pull certain dates, though remember timing is not everything.I do details of all kinds depedning on the situation Depending on the situation Every situation is DIFFERENT. Every PERSON is different. EVERY READING IS DIFFERENT. My accuracy is uncanny. However, when I tell you please do certain things, in the case that we do energy work, or in order to MAINTAIN a prediction, I mean that. Do not go against the reading, otherwise you are WASTING YOUR TIME AND MINE. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BAD FEEDBACK DUE TO CUT OFFS. THAT IS NOT MY FAULT. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WAIT A FEW MINUTES AND COME BACK IN WE WILL THEN FINISH THE READING. I listen to my divine inner power to help guide you and give you not always what you would like to hear, but what you need to hear in order to get it right. My experience is vast and indepth. I am kind and compassionate. Please do not take my kindness for weakness. I am here for you, not to be yelled at and demanded. It messes with the reading. Have your questions ready. Please be in a calm state before you enter my chat. I want to make sure that your reading is as accurate as humanly possible. God bless you and thank you. Love Ava

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14 Sep 2017 excellent ranking mysticdottie

Very generous with her time. Thank you. Will keep you updated.

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12 Sep 2017 excellent ranking lep93

I love Ava. I've been using this site frequently and spoken to a lot of readers. Ava was spot on, clarifying, and warm. I know she is the real deal, and she picks up on you with out any printing or info given. Love you xxx

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06 Sep 2017 excellent ranking marie33

I trust you Ava!!! You are the most accurate advisor here, still can't believe you had a vision of what happened to me this morning at work , without me telling you! Give the lady a try, she real, but be patient with her. Keep you posted my friend xoxo

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06 Sep 2017 excellent ranking guesswho973

Seems well connected with situation. Waiting for predictions to pass. Given a bunch of validations that she is the real deal. ❤

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05 Sep 2017 excellent ranking xgemilegend

Oh how i've missed you. Amazing as always

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