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Hello Everyone, Ava here. Gives Readings on All Matters. Please do not leave bad feedbacks bc of cut offs - Very truthful and realistic reader. Predictions, meditations, discount deals, listens to you, answers all questions A reader & a friend - God Bles


**Please do not leave bad feedbacks because of cutoffs… Im getting enough of those, please and thanksI prefer the term "gifted" rather than psychic bc all My Credit I Give to God. I Pray for you, I do details, I guide, I communicate with angels. About cut offs, I have mouths to feed also, please and thank you. Im very good at picking up past and future events. Please keep in mind time frames can change. I look into all situations of love, life, career etc. I give information and insights to all, good and bad. I’ll also let you know if there is cheating or an affair involved, as well as if there are any other person’s of love significance coming into your life along with names. I highly urge you to take my advice. I can give timelines but can vary. Remember timing is not always set in stone. If the situation in life that you are dealing with is not what you are looking for, or if you are having a hard time in a home situation or with family, I will give you predictions and insight and guidance, steps to take

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:
I have a lifetime of experience in providing insight and predictions.
  • Now I am direct, but not one of these who is hateful, or will hang up on you.
  • I will not be taken advantage of. All I ask is that you come in with an open ear.
  • I am kind and sensitive myself, ...of course I am an empath so I feel the emotions of all persons.
  • I expect you to have at least three THREE questions ready before entering in. Come as you are, I accept all people no dsicrimation.
  • I will give you short term predictions with probable realistic time frames and some long term depending on the situation. I am a highly detailed Virgo/Pisces Moon with Scorpio Rising.
  • Everyone is different as is every reading.
  • I will treat you with respect, know that I am not God himself, I go to him for clairvoyant help and meditation. I communicate with animals, those who have passed… as well as Past dates and events Im very good with those confirmations.
  • can also do dreams .

I started off when I was 7, being told that I was a devil worshiper… yes coming from a close minded family… grr…. but I honored my mother and father. Not all understand that we all have gifts. I will help you to develop your gifts as well if you request. I counsel those who wish to go into the same profession as myself. I am a lifecoach working on a website as well. I have a prophetic gift!

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12 Dec 2017 excellent ranking tonypetersamuel


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10 Dec 2017 unsatisfactory ranking snake8088

waste of money she just kept going off on tangents....and made me more confused then after she wanted me to do another deal....sounds like she just cares about the money. i wont be back

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10 Dec 2017 excellent ranking slc81

Said contact within two days from Nov.29th and a little off but Dec 3rd got contact. One day off, not bad at all! Still unsure of consistency but will see

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08 Dec 2017 satisfactory ranking Eih12 (unregistered)

Thank you. Will keep the transcript; see what happens.

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04 Dec 2017 excellent ranking guesswho973

Predicted contact in 5 days but actually occurred in 3. :)

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