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Star Channeler Guidance/Spiritual & Relationship Life Coach - Twin Flames, Soulmates, Karmic, Love Relationships, Spiritual Path, Awakening, Life Purpose, Energy Clearing, Angel Messages and Guidance



1st 3 minutes will be used for you to ask your question/s, provide your DOB and anyone else you’re inquiring about. No Answers or Guidance will be given until reading choice and payment is submitted for service.

I’m a Certified Spiritual/Relationship Life Coach with Psychic Gifts. As an Angel Communicator also known as a Star Channeler, I hold the ability to channel spiritual guidance telepathically from angels, spirit realms, beings in the Universe I hold 4 metaphysical abilities-Clairvoyance-Clairsentient-Clairaudience-Claircognizance

Understand, I do not engage in ego based questions, when will they call, when will they come back, they are ego based and irrelevant to what the deeper issues are within you/relationship. If the relationship fell apart there is a deeper meaning, and them calling will not fix it. I dig into the energies for the solution to guide you to your desires.

I am a Light Worker and Spiritual Coach, here to guide you to your bliss.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a Spiritual Life Coach with Psychic Abilities with a 99% success rate. I am also NLP Certified (Neuro-linguistic programming) which is an approach to personal development and communication.

If you are currently stuck in a situation or relationship, and are feeling lost and confused I am able to help you find another perspective and way of seeing what exactly is going on. Sometimes we get stuck and are unable to see the underlying reasons as to why we are stuck in the same cycle, what I am able to do is find the deeper meanings, and give you the guidance you need in order to move on to a new path.

Fun Facts About Me

RH Negative with Brown Eyes (rare)

Birthdate 6/6/1983 = 12/21 = 33(6) Life Path Master Ascendant Number

Gemini- Sun Aries – Moon Virgo – Rising


I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and hold Psychic Abilities. My experience and what I provide is

Uncovering the confusion with Twin Flame, Soulmate, Karmic, Past-Life, Romantic ♥, and Family Relationships. And the most important relationship of all, the one within YOURSELF

If you are being called by Spirit, or feel that you are, I can connect and confirm that with you by way of your Angels. If you are feeling a pull towards a person, or relationship, but it is not going the way your mind expects it to, then I can help you find the clarity to understand why, and what you can do to get it on the correct path. If it is not a Soul level relationship, and it is one of learning and healing to move to a new path where your Soulmate is, I can help guide you onto the path and give you the tools in order to stay on the path of prosperity.

My Angels and Guides are with me always, and have lead me on my path to full consciousness where my agreed Soul Contract as to my purpose is now completed in order to help others seeking Angel and Deeper Spiritual Guidance to live your life in full prosperity in all areas of your life.

I welcome you and am honored to help all who seek guidance.

If we do not connect for some reason, and are unable to find understanding in the situation, I will issue you a refund. We can revisit the situation at a later time after the energies are cleared.

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