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VioletMae ☆ Spiritual Psychic, Tarot Card Reader, Energy Worker☆


☆☼☆Highly Gifted & Heart-Centered Psychic, Tarot Reader and Energy Worker. Intuitive/Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant☆☼☆

I have always been very sensitive to energy and I started this path at a young age. It is my life purpose to help people with this sacred work. You were drawn to me because I can help you.

My most requested services are: Psychic Tarot Card Readings, Chakra Readings, Spirit Animal Readings.

I also offer Reiki Healing, Dream Interpretation, Guided Meditation, Spiritual Coaching, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work and more…

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

-Tested and proven Psychic with experience working on several online platforms and hotlines.

-Expert Tarot Card Reader of 22 years

-Certified Reiki Practitioner

-Energy Worker / Healer / Vibrational Medicine



I use direct connection with Spirit (my guides, ancestors, angelic realm and deity) channel information for your highest good and I use the cards to confirm and clarify the information that I am receiving. I have found this method to be highly accurate. I can help you with any life question you may have.


There are seven key points in the subtle body which are thought to be vortexes of energy, or chakras. When the chakras are in balance, we are in balance. But when energy becomes blocked in a chakra, it can trigger physical, mental, or emotional imbalances. This can affect every aspect of your life. I will read your chakras, tell you which ones are out of balance, exactly how this is affecting you, and how to come back into balance.


If you feel connected to working with spirit animals, I want to help you connect to your guide. We all have totem guides that are with us throughout life and temporary guides and shadow animal guides. I will ask for the most relevant guide to come through.

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