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I’m Lucida of Twin Flame Rx. I use my God-given empathic, intuitive, psychic nature as well as divination tools (tarot cards & pendulum) to read your energies & bring you the answers you seek.

I’m a Lightworker! I can help guide you in removing negative energies that may be affecting your life, during a session. I’m an Angel-assisted, Reiki & Infinity Healer, so if you need an energy clearing session or healing, we’d do it while in chat ($3.33/min).

I don’t do free readings, but I also don’t waste the first 3 min during a session. Those minutes are for us to use to get connected. NO REFUNDS OR CHARGEBACKS-You’re paying for my TIME, energy & our chat no matter whether you ‘like’ my professional opinion

Please come w/an open mind, because you may not hear what you want to hear, but what Spirit prompts me to let you know. No sugarcoating here. Time frames depend on you following guidance.

I look forward to guiding you along your path to growth, love, health, peace, happiness & prosperity!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Reiki Master & Instructor, Certified Infinity Healing Facilitator, Archangel-assisted Healer, Stargate Healing

Also certified in Tarot Reading, Palm Reading and Dream Analysis

Working on Astrology certification

Here to help Twin Flames because I’m a twin in union. Since I know there are VERY FEW advisers who TRULY understand the Twin Flame dynamic, I was called by Spirit to be here for you at this time.


Sensitive, Intuitive, Empath who has had several near death experiences (NDE). I have 25 years experience reading tarot. I continuously develop & expand my psychic abilities. Worked on other psychic networks since the 1990s.

Able to channel the Higher Self/ soul of your Twin -Flame, Soul mate, or Beloved & allow you to have a heart to heart chat with them! I can also help enhance your connection with via a healing session for you alone, or for the both of you ($3.33/min).

Disclaimer: My services should not replace those of a medical professional, psychiatrist, etc. I reserve the right to refuse service or block ANYONE for ANY reason.

Clients whose ratings are marked #### or @@ conspired to ruin my reputation because they’re unable to take responsibility for reading predictions not coming to pass due to their own actions. If you’re able to take responsibility for your own actions based on my insight & guidance, you should not hesitate to contact me since I have helped thousands of clients so far over the last 25 years.

Please do not come to me to talk about other practitioners on this site or elsewhere. I do not confirm the readings of others or comment on their healing practices, I just tell you what I am seeing and perform services I am qualified and spiritually charged to perform. Namaste!


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