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I am Lucida of Twin Flame Rx. I use my God-given empathic, intuitive, psychic nature as well as other divination tools such as tarot & oracle cards & pendulum to read your energies & give you the answers you seek.

I’m a Lightworker! I don’t solicit spells or any other type of ‘negative energy removal’ service-if necessary I believe you should remove those energies yourself. I can help guide you on that path during a session. I’m a Reiki and Infinity Healer, so if you need an energy clearing session we’d do it while in chat.

I don’t do free readings, but I also don’t waste the first 3 minutes during a session. Those minutes are for us to use to get connected. NO REFUNDS-You’re paying for my time & energy.

Please come with an open mind, because you may not hear what you want to hear, but what Spirit prompts me to let you know. No sugarcoating here. And time frames can shift due to free will.

I look forward to guiding you along your path to growth, love, health, peace, happiness & prosperity!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Elemental Reiki Master & Instructor

Infinity Healing Facilitator

I’m here to help Twin Flames because I am one! I did not know what a Twin Flame is/was until I met mine in real life, so knowing him has opened up a new world for me. Since I know there are VERY FEW advisers who TRULY understand the Twin Flame dynamic, I was called by Spirit to be here for you.


Sensitive, Intuitive, Empath who has had several near death experiences (NDE) & may currently be living as a merged walk-in soul

28 years experience reading tarot; continuously developing & honing psychic abilities

Has worked on other psychic networks since the 1990s

Twin Flame who has experienced 3D Reunion/Union

Able to channel the higher self of your Twin Flame, Soul mate, or Beloved & allow you to have a heart to heart chat with them!

I can help enhance your connection with your Soulmate or Sacred Partner or Twin Flame. If you’d like a healing session, we’d first connect to their Higher Self using the Heart to Heart chat and then I will tell you what else I see around the Union and what may be holding it back. If you’d like me to facilitate ‘repair’ of your connection, we’d do that in the chat at your request (I call in the angelic realm to assist as well as facilitate infinity healing).

Disclaimer: My services should not replace those of a medical professional, psychiatrist, etc.I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason

Response to Ratings Marked @@@@ & ######: Client (whose ratings are marked @@) told me she’s been taken advantage of by many psychics & several times came to me with their ‘reports’ asking if she needed to get curse removal or negative energy removed (services for $200-$1000). She also INSISTED she & her ex are Twin Flames. (I DID NOT CONFIRM NOR DENY, but did not feel that she & her ex were Twin Flames based on their vibrations). Because she asked for my guidance & requested them, she had several readings & heart to heart telepathic conversations w/her ex. I suggested she wait at least a few days between each session when responding to her daily emails & daily chat requests. Because I had other clients trying to connect for the same sessions & she was monopolizing my time & energy I recommended ONE specific audio from another healer, but she bought SIX. Because I told her she needs to detach from her ex in order to get him back, she became really upset. I stopped charging, refunded, & tried to explain how to do this for over 45 minutes for free. The chat hangs up after 2 hrs automatically. Because I didn’t reconnect (but emailed her saying I had to go to bed), she began to berate me in ratings that were positive & glowing in the past. Some ratings cannot be changed, so she was unable to change those. She then went to the community boards & got another client who previously gave me positive feedback to change his rating (see ratings marked ###). These two clients (@@ & ####) are unable to take responsibility for their own lives & rely on psychics to make decisions for them.

If you’re able to take responsibility for your own actions based on my insight & guidance you should not hesitate to contact me since I have helped thousands of clients so far over the last 25 years.

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17 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking mydnite

What a lad if bullshit not psychic at all nothing she said made sense to my situation you think you're right not always lady this time you were guessing sorry but you didn't pick a thing for me

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16 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking jennmiller

i did a heart 2 heart with her for weeks spending hundreds 2 connect with an ex & her messages from him anyone could make up, very generalized "he loved me, missed me,left because he was scared". but couldn't talk personal details for some reason. i believed her so i tried to connect with a friend & she couldn't get easy details right. then made a comment that we fell apart because she was busy with her new man, but this woman has been married for 9 years. red flag so test the waters and ask things that didn't happen & feel for yourself if she is telling you the truth. don't be fooled out of your hard earned money to feel closer to your loved one and have people prey on your weakness. her comment to this post says i was suicidal, i don't have to convince you that i'm not, but if i told her i was would you trust this woman telling her your private details? and trust her with your wellbeing only to have her blast it on a negative review? Read what she's saying in the rest.

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15 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking jennmiller

This speaks volumes. On 03/24/2017, Lucida wrote: Go ahead, you're dumb enough to pay thousands of dollars to someone who gave you fake services (not me). I doubt that they will do anything about it. You're a joke. lol On 03/24/2017, Jennifer Miller wrote: I am showing bitwine that comment about the curse. grow up and take accountability for why you did. Do not email me again. My reviews stay. How do I know you didn't do it already!!! On 03/24/2017, Lucida wrote: If you don't change all those negative reviews to positive ones with no comments, I will put a curse on you and you'll never get your twin flame back... Just a warning of this woman's true self. Save your money you will find better here

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15 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking jennmiller

I was fooled for too long with heart to heart readings. Did a reading last night and just before connecting to my ex i asked her about his family and how they mistreated me. then in the conversation/connection with my ex i ask him about work and his day and he goes off on me about not worrying about his family not liking me and then after so gives me a lecture, and when i questioned her she cut the reading off in the middle of my confusion and hurt, and she claims to just be trying to help. then today she ups her rates and accuses us here of draining her engery and abusing her gift. I could chose ANYONE here, i chose you. don't offer a service if you do this to people who trust you

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15 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking jennmiller

Look you will ruin your own rep by threatening curses and blasting my names given to you in PRIVATE chat under strict CONFIDENCE And if anyone would think to use you, you could do the same to them. The horrible part is I didn't even ask for a refund I just made my reviews to warn others. Say what you want but your threats and antics will be enough to help others make the right choice. You are dangerous and pathetic. How dare you plaster my business name then mine and my ex's. People will see through that. Then threaten me with it that you will change it if I change my review. Sorry reviews are for my experience and this stays! On 03/24/2017, Lucida wrote: I'll remove my comment to your ratings when you remove the words.'ve blocked my name for privacy and safety, but she had my business and full name on replies to her reviews) this is not how you handle or conduct poor reviews. People be aware with your private info and that of loved ones!

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