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All candles are $10 they include a free follow up reading in 24 hours GURANTEED to show results!!!

I offer many different services like, Palm & Tarot Crystal readings Energy readings Chakra readings Aura readings. I can help you with problems such as… Relationship questions Financial problems Career Family issues Addictions Reuniting lost soul mates Connecting soulmates Lost pets Lost items.

I also do Dream Analysis have you ever had a strange/scary dream? I can explain in details exactly what it all means. I can help you open the doors to finding true happiness in every aspect of your life by helping and guiding you onto your destin path to find true peace of Mind Body & Sprit

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have a degree in Psychology from Duke University in Chapel Hill NC, I’ve been trained spritualy by top meditation experts around the world, My abilities: Clairvoyance (Seeing) Claircognizance (Knowing) Clairaudience (Hearing) My specialty is helping people in removing and/or preventing life’s obstacles & helping them find the true meaning of happiness. I am straight to the point I don’t waste your money or my time if there is a problem I will adress it and I will help you solve it with my help you and I can work together as a team to get you back on your destin path. I am 100% Catholic which means anything I do involves God first. My pledge to you is to offer you the most compassionate, honest and accurate readings. I believe I was born with the gift of being clairvoyant. My professional training has come from top meditation experts. I’ve always been able to read peoples energy and see into their aura and help them through lifes most difficult choices with my clairvoyant ability.


CloseExperience: If you have doubts from psychics in the past please release those doubts/fears before starting a reading with me I am not here to play games with your emotions I do not enjoy clients telling me what previous readings have said and promised so enter my reading with a pure heart and open mind and I will provide clarity, compassion and honesty.

Please know that when you get a reading be open to giving some details as to what exactly your going through or the situation. I’m a psychic NOT a mind reader no true psychic can advise completely blind on what there reading or who they are reading for. Thank you! I also offer candles for any problem you might be going through, Candles range from $25-75 all candles include a follow up session.

Lovers Flame candles Fast Luck candles Purification Candles Communication candles AND MORE!!!


I offer Love spells, Money Spells, Luck spells & MORE Meditation can heap heal you mentally, emotionally and physically Meditation starts at $50 (per hour)

I am 100% honest with all my clients I do not tell you what you want to hear I tell you what you NEED to hear. I have helped hundreds of people find there destiny and give them the tools to better themselves as well as others around them. I currently own and operate 2 psychic healing shops in Georiga I take all my clients as I would friends or family so please contact me for your reading today!

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03 Sep 2016 satisfactory ranking lorena30

reading was ok.. tho she answered my questions, it was like i had to ask everytime and she gave a sentence of an answer. thats all.. i was hoping info would flow. maybe its just my situation. but do give her a try.

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02 Sep 2016 excellent ranking jaysa321

She is very good and very generous..gave me extra mins and answerd quickly..said by oct i will be with her and i can check in with her..thank u so much

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02 Sep 2016 unsatisfactory ranking emeraldjones

i am going to guess this is not her fault but i did not get a single word in the chat. charged me 10.00 and nothing.

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01 Sep 2016 excellent ranking dragonfly36

WOW! tons of details, predictions..picks up quickly. thank you tons, for all your insight and advice..such a passionate and kind reader. will be back..:)))) xoxox

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01 Sep 2016 excellent ranking sara7778

amazing!! shes so accurate and sweet. I will be back thank you. xo

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