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I am a spiritual advisor. I give people advice. I have dedicated my life into helping others. I can help you uncover obstacles and/or interests that are much more likely to surface through insightful. I am able to develop creative, actionable solutions. I just don’t tell you how things will turn out but, also tell you the right road to take and how to get there. I have strategies and techniques that will keep you focused, and encourage you, motivate you, enhance you and give you some relief and satisfaction. I can help you through all life matters.Powerful insights into your love life and career or business. Prepare for the truth and to see how to have your life on track.Being of service in the world is what I consider the most important mission for me in this lifetime. I seek to discover the deepest truth of our being as incarnate souls; to understand our greatest potential as spiritual beings having human experiences.I see all of life as an abundant opportunity to discover & realize and express the Divine.


I’ve been working online for quite some time. I do believe in God 100% and I don’t claim to be perfect because no one is and neither do I claim to be 100% accurate. In this field I have had personal experiences to where I have helped family, friends and co-workers. It is my goal to make sure that you are on the right road in your life. I DO NOT SUGAR COAT. I TELL THINGS LIKE IT IS. IF THE TRUTH IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE SEEKING THEN I’M NOT THE PERSON FOR YOU. I DO NOT TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR BUT WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Timelines can be very tricky. I ask that you please DO NOT leave a bad review just because of the timeline. When leaving a review please base it off of the reading session and not the timeline. Readings are about the steps you can take to have a better life.

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