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You are a projector, your thoughts and feelings are what "create" your future. You also have a "free will" that allows you to shift your reality and shift future outcomes. I am here to guide people to actual empowerment. Contact me if you are ready to grow and actually work on yourself and step into mastery as a sovereign being. We are in a time of evolution of human race, where we get to finally realize that we have a full power to create our realities. I I will give you real, practical tools to steer you into a right direction‼. What I do is analyze the vibration you are emitting and based on that am able to guide you in any area of your life, to create outcomes best for your life journey by illuminating your true desires, contradicting beliefs to your desires, blocks in energy centers that prevent you from manifesting what it is that you desire. I All is energy manifesting itself as reality, I can help you understand the flow of your energy.

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Board certified holistic health practitioner, existentialist, alchemist, intuitive, life coach


6 years in personal coaching

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