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ιитυιтινє тαяσт яєα∂ιиgѕ

Using clairvoyance, clairsentience, and the tarot, I am able to assist you in your quest for answers! I am also a lightworker, energy healer, intuitive reader, and aura repairer.

I have helped many over the years to bring clarity to their situation, find out the answers to burning questions. I connect with my guides and higher self to see an overview of the problem, and see the many paths that lay before and behind you. Identifying these potentials, and finding where on your path you need to turn for the greatest outcome, is my specialty.

What you will receive is HONEST insight into your life. I do not sugar coat answers, but deliver the information you need to hear now.

NO FREE READINGS. My time is valuable, and you not valuing it shows me you will not benefit from my time. I seek only to help others in an honest way. It is not a parlor trick, I cannot read your mind, or give you lottery numbers. I do not answer legal or medical advice.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Studied in Reiki, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Intuitive Reading, Tarot, Meditation, Spirit Guide Work.


I have been doing readings for over 5 years, and studying spiritual growth, psychic connections, channeling, tarot, and spirit guide work for much longer. I connect with spiritual energy through my guides, who help to bring light to your situation.

I have studied under multiple spiritual teachers through apprenticeships, learning to deepen my connection with All That Is / the Universe. This has given me a diverse range of backgrounds to pull from, and adapt to each clients needs as a conduit of energy and information.

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Languages: English

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