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I am not on here very often so if you see I am offline, you can message me to schedule a reading. Readings are something I do in my spare time. If you become rude, I immediately end the chat and you get blocked. Respect is a 2-way street. ;) I do not read for under 21 years of age. I ask for DOB for age verification. Readings are based on a question on a specific area of your life or problem/concern. VAGUE prompts get VAGUE readings! I’m not here to guess you either want the reading or not. The best readings are like conversations; you ask your questions, I tell what I see and we expound upon it together. I discourage getting frequent readings and reading with too many psychics; when you do this you open your energy up for manipulation and thus your readings will be contradictory and unclear.

I do not play "test the psychic." The reading does not start until your payment goes through. No refunds as the payment is for my time & the time of my guides.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Remember: readings are a snapshot in time—like a photograph. Predictions are based on the current trajectory of events and energy. I do not work with timelines generally as people focus too much energy on them and push them back. Do not come to me and demand what I should/should not use in your reading; I don’t come to your job and tell you what to do. You get the same amount of respect you give me.

"Your mouth can block your blessings. Know when to shut up!"

Selected review: "Holy moly! You mentioned an incident in Sept with my work & with a coworker. It is happening now.. Oh my..WOW!! Thanks so much just wanted to tell you this!"


I have been certified as a reiki healer since 2016 and also do distance healing sessions (can message me for details or check out my website). Readings are something I do on the side because clients, friends and family members have asked me for them. I use shells for yes/no and cartomancy for more detailed answers.

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