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palmistry,tarot card, séance, chakra balancing, reiki, spiritual cleansing


Hello and welcome to BitWine if you are seeking psychic guidance you have come to the right place BitWine has many wonderful psychics to choose from but please remember each individual psychic is different depending on there gifts and practice and what type of tools they use but most importantly it depends on your 1 on 1 connection with your advisor in order to get a accurate reading . I have over 15 years of professional experience but have been blessed with the gift since birth I am a natural born clairvoyant And shaman. I have inherited this gift from my ancestors that has been passed down through many generations .I have the power to see Feel and heal others .I can tell you exactly what is going on in your life regards toward any situation business love health family etc. there is no matter too big or small that I cannot help you with . I have traveled different parts of the world to practice and strengthen my spiritual abilities while doing so I have helped thousands of wonderful people . I often work with the elements around me Earth wind water and fire . These wonderful elements is what gives me the energy and strength I need to help people and makes my gift stronger . I also like to use candles crystals natural herbs and oils and incense while performing A cleansing or healing session . I have studied and specialize palmistry Tarot cards tea leaf reading’s past life regression séance readings astral projection chakra balancing and spiritual healing. I offer many types of readings depending on what type of information you’re seeking . I could explain all the details and information about what I can offer but it is up to you to challenge me and my abilities so I can prove it to you I am known for my honesty and integrity I am not here to tell you what you want to hear only what you need to hear which is the truth good or bad I am not here to sugarcoat anything . I am only here to give you advice and help guide you to A positive direction . Also keep in mind I am a non-judge mental psychic . All sessions are private and confidential . If you feel lost confused overwhelmed with negative situations feeling stuck and held back from positive opportunities and happiness or if you’re just curious of what your future has to hold Don’t waste anymore time . Are you ready to hear the truth ? If you answered yes then call today to get the true insight of what’s going on in your life so you can have control of your happiness .

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17 Oct 2017 excellent ranking egyptianpsychiceye

Words do not do justice for how happy this advisor makes me and also will be a lifetime dear friend, I have worked with so many advisors in the past to aid in a hard situation and no one has told me the authentic truth such as gracefully as Brenda. She sees what others dont and holds space for her soul is truly genuine, positive and amazing :) I say this humbly but I praise her because she is very rare. You will LOVE working with her and find trust in her as I do and work with her daily, too. Very rare beautiful soul with rare god-given gifts. I am so blessed she shares them with us <33333333

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17 Oct 2017 excellent ranking rachalexandria

Connected fast without asking for any info and doesn't sugarcoat good reading

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14 Oct 2017 excellent ranking kels22 (unregistered)

Amazing !!!

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13 Oct 2017 excellent ranking cratch1388

Great reading, thanks.

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13 Oct 2017 excellent ranking warmness346 (unregistered)

As always so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accurate, caring, and superb abilities and I mean that without ego, very humble. Articulates so well in a compassionate manner the divine truth! She is so rare and sweet. You will adore this reader who I give 1000 stars and have worked with for a long time now and she has helped me and I have SEEN the difference! In choosing someone as there are so many, it is good to seek compassion also! God bless you my friend! Take care for now

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