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i guide and advise TO endless amount of people to find love,happiness,and fulfillment relationship and search for love.Through direct insight,clarifying,and true guidance i am able to help each person find their answers,understanding and balance to able you to enjoy fulfillment in the love you seek.Let me help you see things clearly and shed the confusion to allow you to enjoy life,connection and relationship in the loving more balanced manner you seek.I am Master of mind, and things within and beyond the waking world…A guide to Astral Projection,Energy ,Manipulation,Lucid Dreaming.the occult Remote Viewing Shamanism,Witchcraft and much more. I look at this reality from the outside in, let me bring you the knowledge from beyond…if would like to unlock the secrets, i will show you where to find the keys….Let me show you how to unlock your deeper higher true Self..Find clarity of mind..Bring True Balance to yourself on every level.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Naturally born healer psychic reader,clairvoyant,highest em path.MS degree in Relationship from Frodham University,New York City Usui Reiki Master.Certificate Canine Massage Therapist(IET) GRADUATE IN PSYCHOLOGY


Since childhood been working with energy and spirit guides etc.Over 15,000 helped clients worldwide for the past decade. I pick up a instant connection when you enter the chat.So if your looking for a psychic that don’t sugarcoat answer’s give me call blessing’s. I can look into past issues at times to help heal current pains and help you to find peace and comfort.

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Languages: English,Hindi

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