Hello. I am a natural-born psychic with over 16 years experience. I’ve helped relationships all over the world – helped reunite people. Are you looking for answers to your questions? I speak to your guides, shining a light into the unknown. I can show you where your choices are leading you and how to get the most from your life experience. Your dreams are my priority! I will only tell you the truth. I will make sure you understand 100% what is going on in your life and give you back your peace of mind. Love Is one of the most powerful human emotions. Breaking up with a lover is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to experience. Yet the power to change YOUR world is in your hands. It’s time to make things better for you! You CAN control your destiny and path. I will show you how! NO UNREGISTERED CALLS PLEASE :)

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Natural-born psychic. Have you tried everything in your power to make your love life the best it canbe? Have you put your faith in readings that have given you false hope? Or tried to have a spell cast that does not work? What you need is a psychic who can give you a plan for a better life that YOU can do for yourself! I am that type of psychic. I let you know the right things to say to help you win your lover’s heart and finally have them open up! I will help guide you all the way.


I am an intuitive consultant reader who is also very spiritual. I realized at a very early age that I had a special gift when I began having psychic premonitions. I now use this powerful gift to help friends, family and my long-time callers here on bitwine. I look deep into my visions and my special deck of cards to empower you to reach your goals and reveal the best course of action for your life path. Hopefully after speaking with me one time, you will find spiritual guidance and a flow of positive energy. I will help you relax and concentrate on what is most important to you as we see what the cards have to say!

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05 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking oneofakind22

I cut my reading in half because what she is telling me contridicts my situation. She didnt connect to me at all. it was all foolishness she was saying. Wasting my time and money! SMH!

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26 Jul 2017 unsatisfactory ranking susan12345

The worst reading I have ever had on this service. Definitely scripted and so general it could all apply to myself or any other woman. I can't believe Bitwine approves readers like this!

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14 Jul 2017 unsatisfactory ranking Riya (unregistered)

Complete scam

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11 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking toreesky

So vague. Waste of $15.

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24 Jan 2017 unsatisfactory ranking bluerms

Reading was very vague, the $10 was not up and I asked in reference to someone response they have deep feelings but sometimes doesnt know how to express them My time was not up ill send bitwine the transcript 3mins where left and I did not agree to anything you said in the reading in fact I only asked 1 question and did not say anything else during the session bc the reading was so vague.

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