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Life Coaching & Intuive life Coahing Sessions! *Decode &Repair Your Love 911


Life Coaching Specialist (Certification) PHD

Repair any faulty/broken Relationship via Paradigm shift therapies Guaranteed repair Method

also available Reiki, Intuition Life Coaching, Aura Balancing, Chakra Alignments

Lovers Intuitive counseling

All Questions on Any topic Available

Psychic Nutritional Counsel 2achieve highest Vibrational frequncies2 Atract Pregnancy, Weight Loss or any success over any issue-Food Vibrational Healing-All Natural Method

if any1 is on the fence about reading with me over any less attractive rating, i am more than Happy to send you that same transcripts "actual" dialog in private email so you can read for yourself the reality of said conversations, As my Sessions are Iron Clad and irrefutable… i am more than happy to oblige this

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Clinical Thesis ; PsychoSexualBiological Nuerolinguistics PHD Internship: Masters &Johnsons Sexual Nuerolinguistics &Surrogate Clinic N.Y N.Y.

Managed surrogates in Clinical Trial for all formats of couples dysfunction and therapeutics.


Do you want to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE immediately and see instant change? Don’t waste another minute!

Have a Chakra balance & Aura color test evaluation done. &before you come in 4it &just so you know, the pinky=heart chakra , the ring finger=agnya chakra , the middle finger =the liver/hepatic areathe index finger=vishuddi chakra , the thumb=the saraswati(creative and musical profs) , the base and middle or the writst=mooladhara chakra(procreation) , the top and center of the head=the sahrahara chakra. and as we go thru an evaluation together we will physically mutally source out the areas that need tuning up for best real life manifestations for all of your interactive social, love life, or business relationship optimizations and ultimate success!

Astrology and Best spell casting Days:

Monday Is ruled by the Moon and is all about the home and anything at all connected to it, so think Cancer. Monday is your day to do magick relating to your home; repairs, protection of, and family. Your spells for illusion, glamour, sleep, peace, prophesy, dreams, emotions, fertility, insight, and wisdom will be greatly enhanced done on this day. Get out your tarot cards, scrying bowl or mirror, or your runes and see the future when the moon comes out. Monday is a great day to cook magical food, pay your housekeeper, your babysitter, and your drycleaner and cook. It is a perfect day to pay homage to the elemental energies that help you keep your home and property protected from danger. TUESDAY is ruled by Mars, the war-like, high-energy planet, which also rules Aries and Scorpio, so we have the power of energy, action, aggression, and new beginnings to work with here. Perfect day to do spells for courage, victory, success, strength, defense, and protection, to start a new project or to do a spell to initiate a new one. Pay your gym membership or sign a new contract for onE. WEDNSDAY is ruled by Mercury, which governs communications, so think Gemini and Virgo. This is the day to do spells to improve or to persuade communication between people and/or companies or agencies, spells for luck, gambling, chance, creativity, and artistic endeavors. Great day to pay your phone and internet bill and to clean your inbox. Write letters today, send emails, or have that heart to heart with someone. THURSDAYis connected to Jupiter=expansion

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Languages: RemoteView &Timeline Super Accuracy! *Decode &Repair Your Love 911

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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02 Apr 2016 excellent ranking honest_heart

thank you for answering all the question with clarity and in depth details just what i needed to know bless u

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27 Mar 2016 excellent ranking rosa01

Great reading and helped with timelines

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27 Mar 2016 excellent ranking avelinao

Great reading. She was very connected and gave me much need clarity. Fast and honest answers...definitely recommend her !

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27 Mar 2016 unsatisfactory ranking littleraindrop

Thank you for the reading and the advice. My screen froze so I couldn't say good bye. I am hoping that your predictions will come through. I will come back to update. UPDATE: Prediction did not come through. You said he'd contact me in three days or under, but it didn't happen. You don't give super accurate timelines. I'm heartbroken again. I would like a refund. FURTHER UPDATE: He could not have texted you. He doesn't know you. You don't know my number. Why would you say such thing that is obviously a lie? I have not stalked him. I have not even looked at his picture since our reading because you put me at a mental ease (with false hope) and I was finally able to focus on myself. Stop updating your response here. I am holding back from writing more about the ridiculous things you've said in the email regarding your ethics. I thought about taking it down but you really leave me no choice now.

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15 Mar 2016 excellent ranking ojoj77


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