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“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Hello Lovelys My name is Janie I am an Experienced Psychic I love to bring clarity into peoples lives & I Am Very Proud To Be Part Of The bitwine Community & Excited About being able to help so many on the site to find those answers they are searching for and so deserve to know.


I am an Empathic A Clairvoyant, A Medium, A Channel, A Natural born healer and Relationship Reuniter , A life coach and councillor.

Inspirational Quote~ As I look Back On My Life, I Realize That Every time I Thought I Was Being Rejected For Something Good, I Was Actually Being Re-Directed To Something Better!

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REVIEW LEFT BY MY AMAZING CLIENT & NOW FRIEND (excellent ranking) I recently lost my teenage son and wanted to find his wallet. It was very special to him and I just wanted to have a piece of him. I could not find that wallet anywhere…I was getting very sad about it. She channeled my son…..he said "car" and "side". This was BEFORE I even said anything about the wallet. He kept repeating it to her, so I went and looked in the side pocket of my car which he was in last. THERE WAS THE WALLET. In the SIDE pocket of my car on the passenger side (probably the one spot I didn’t look). She has told me other things from him that she would have no idea about. she is amazing

It May Be Stormy now, But It Never Rains Forever" ♥♥♥♥

My abilities include:


Clairvoyance (Seeing)

Claircognizance (Knowing)

Clairaudience (Hearing)


Tarot Readings

Angel Readings

Spirirtual & Life Coaching

You are my main priority always* HERE FOR YOU!!


Inspirational quote




Miss Janie has been reading for over 17 years + and has helped so many good hearts and that makes Janie so passionate to help as many people as she can with her insight and she loves making such amazing friends along the way

and Janie always takes such pride in the fact you choose to read with her. she has done many face to face readings and online readings and it warms her heart how much it helps change peoples lifes for the better Janie feels truly truly blessed with a beautiful gift and she cherishs it and wants to share it with the world Janie says thank you for letting me share it with you dear

A Review Left By My Amazing Client

As usual Miss Janie is the best. Her two predictions came to pass in the time frame she said. I got the job in February and he also contacted me. She is amazing, she did not ask for anything , but connected without names….I look forward to her predctions for this reading coming to pass again. She is the best reader on Bitwine. Thanks Janie :)

NO Refunds. As You are paying for my time thank you for your understanding i look forward to chatting with you.

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07 Dec 2018 excellent ranking joannsaeou101

wow I really like this reading and this my first-time deep wave reading with this person and it was like the biggest payment I ever did but I really glad i spent it!! thank you so much!!! during the reading i was worry if it will be... inaccurate but she really really accurate thanks so much !! DOUBLE THUMBS UP * i go back play pokemon and roblox now* : IF YOUR READING THIS LADYY thank youuu i feel like i act like a kid on here but thanks :D will update once i get more money.

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06 Dec 2018 excellent ranking cheriemei

Bless her soul...so quick to pick up what's going on the parties involved. She was right about a past prediction made in early November, the trajectory of the relationship and how my partner behaves...it is all making sense now, especially with recent developments. She said that we would bond and get closer in time and surely we have... still bumps in the road but definitely better than what it was before. Currently at another bump...that she sees will be overcome, I trust her so much and she is just great and picking up current state of emotions and exceptionally accurate at predicting! I've been coming to her since last year...

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05 Dec 2018 excellent ranking catlove812

very empathetic and lovely!! very connected and gives wonderful guidance!!

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05 Dec 2018 excellent ranking beautynbn

Spot on. Ty!

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02 Dec 2018 excellent ranking lviv12


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