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Cindy Lee is described by her clients, friends, teachers, and students as intriguing, regal, classy, and exotic, always a delight.Her readings are short, to the point and not always what you may want to hear,but what you need to hear delivered in a friendly conversational style.The reading is conveyed in the most optimistic way possible.She is diverse.

Cindy Lee’s life is the real world version of NBC’s trailer of hidden secrets and fighting demons as they arise. She is the authentic authority battling all that goes bump into the night. She is an authority on healing afflictions that just don’t seem to be of this world. She will fascinate you with her knowledge, experiences and true tales of a life of learning and sharing her vast knowledge of all things Metaphysical, Native American, and Spiritual. You will never meet another like her. There is never a dull moment in her life. You will feel that you have found the Hope Diamond when you meet her. All come away expressing it is a privilege to know her.

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I am an ordained inter-faith minister. My degree in Religious Science covers Wicca, Christianity, Magic, Occult, Dream Analysis, some Native American traditions (raised Metis), and Angels. I’ve written articles about the paranormal, love, romance, and prosperity under my name: Rosa Pearl and Rev. Cindy Lee.


Cindy Lee is described by her clients, and students as intriguing, regal, classy, and exotic, always a delight. Her readings are short, to the point and not always what you may want to hear, but what you need to hear delivered in a friendly conversational style. The reading is conveyed in the most optimistic way possible. Her reviews are positive:

  • Cindy Lee is my favorite psychic, She is personable, compassionate, and right on the money! I always enjoy our chats and her great advice has helped in many ways!!!
  • Cindy Lee is a 5 star psychic. She not only is extremely tuned in and can see exactly what’s going on, but she has the ability to do actual work to help you while you are in her chat room. She has smoothed out work relationships for me, they are no longer a constant burden to bear. She has given me a new lease on life, and I am not as depressed about work now.
  • Cindy had unparalleled insight into my problems and was able to pick up on the real issue right away… Cindy is amazing!!!
  • Whether at a group event or in a private setting, Cindy Lee has always made me feel as if I am the only one in the room. Her presence is calm and reassuring. I wish I could take her into my board meetings. I call Cindy before meeting to check in on the influence I will have and get reinforcement from her. A phenomenal person to have on your team!
  • Cindy Lee always makes me feel as if she removes my stress during a reading. She has an ‘in-charge’ feel as if she commands the energy in my body to do what she wants it to do. Thank you Cindy for another fabulous time together.
  • Thank you, Cindy for giving me techniques to use in my crisis. I shared with my daughter (age 9) and it worked for her, too. You were recommended highly, and I am grateful we connected, I can not say Thank you enough.
  • Cindy is a psychic butterfly floating from group to group answering questions people are afraid to ask. She has earned trust by the exceptional in-put she infuses into lives.

Cindy Lee is diverse. She has the ability to walk into a room and blend into the decor or announce her presence with vivacious energy.

At age 3, Cindy’s first memory of clairaudience & clairvoyance happened. Primed psychically on both sides of the family, her abilities can be traced back six generations on her maternal side and four generations on her paternal side. Together, both mom and dad’s family immersed her in the Native American side of her family’s Metis (May-tee) traditions that would serve her well on her spiritual journey. With their strong guidance & Loving support she embraced her calling with all the dedication and support needed to serve others.

Cindy decided to honor her country through military service and fulfill her need for adventure and travel. After her military service as an aviation machinist mate (jet mechanic) for the United States Navy, she returned home to follow her family’s Metis tradition.

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11 Oct 2008 excellent ranking snarkie (unregistered)

Very fast typer, very friendly, very accurate :) The real deal :) HIRE HER!

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