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Allow Me Too Help Guide & Direct You On The Right Path Too Achieve A Happy Sucessful Balanced Life, Uncovering All Answers Regarding Your Past, Present, & Future, * SPECIALS $15 LOVE AND CAREER READING, $20 FULL LIFE READING*

  • Hello welcome to my page here on bitwine, I’m samantha a returning advisor I’m a god gifted clairvoyant spiritual advisor and consultant of the mind body and spirit, and also life coach, I was given the abilities to help guide and direct others all over the world, I’m able to tap into your energy and pick up on feelings and energies along with your past, present, and your future, I’m able to give you guidance and answers in all areas of life, if you are feeling lost or confused, I will reveal the peace and clarity you want and deserve, I can help you take control over and remove the situations and issues that are interfering with your life, and guide you back to your lover I answer all questions and help within all aspects of life, I’m also a nonjudgmental very understanding and compassionate advisor, so don’t be afraid to speak with me come in open-minded and also comfortable, I look forward to connecting with every each one of you!.*
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Keep In Mind Each Reading Is Different Then The Other, And One May Be More informative Then The Other, Because Each Reading Does Focus On Different Aspects Of Life, And One Reading Might Be A Little More General Then The Other, So It’s Very Important Too Know What You’re Looking For And How Much Detail You’re Looking For, So You Can Get The Reading That’s Going Too Work For You,

Energy Based Reading Unlimited Questions $20

Full Life Reading Unlimited Time And Questions $25

Full Tarot Card Reading $15

Chakra Reading $45

Lovers + Career Reading 35 Minutes $30

meditation sessions $55-95


Over the past 17 + years I have been helping hundreds of clients all over the world, I have experience online and also offline, I’ve attended psychic fairs ad I also have a licensed storefront business where I’ve been working for a few years now, I’m very compassionate and also dedicated to my work, my job is to help others find their true destiny and desires in life, as well as to help others take control and remove the issues and the situations that are interfering with life, their is no problem that you bring to me that I won’t help in, I’m very honest and direct about what I see and what I feel, yet compassionate I will not only be speaking to you as an advisor and life coach but as a dear friend,

I specialize in Chakra energies, meditation healing’s, aura readings, crystal energy reading’s, tarot card readings, palm reading’s, love and relationships, career and finances, marriage and children, past lives, soulmate and twin flame connections, animals/pets, and many more.

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