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Welcome to The Psychic Eye : Reading's By Jade. Love Specialist, Honest, Detailed and In depth Reading's. Guidance in All Matter's Of Life,Love,Marriage,Health,Happiness,Success, Fast In tuned Psychic Reading's Get In Touch Now For A Brighter Tomorrow.


Relationships can be the most challenging, but also the most rewarding part of life. I’m here to help navigate you through those sometimes rough waters * Marriage problems?*Boyfriend/girlfriend troubles? *Questioning his/hers loyalty? *And so on.You’ve come to the right place! Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective on the situation. I’m here to provide you with that perspective and offering you guidance.My goal is to help make your future clear and put a stop to your confusion take away depression, hurt and to clarify your doubts.How you ask? By using my very powerful gift to make you fully understand your situation as it stands and how it got to this point. Get answers and help these are questions you cannot answer on your own hesitation will not get you any were but bring you confusion in your self so stop delaying your own happiness and allow me to give u advice you need to approach the future with confidence and hope. Never failing advise I can guarantee all your questions will be answered.. Thanks

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Hello my name is Jade I am one of Bitwine’s top psychic’s and I will start by saying that I am a natural born clairvoyant.

For those of you that are unsure of what that is.. I am able to connect with your spirit guides which allows me to get direct answer’s when your question is asked giving me the ability to get all the details you need!

Also I had took some extra time and channeled my gift so that I am able to help to remove any negative energy with a single meditation.

★Tarot Card Reading $25

★Crystal Ball Reading $30

★Psychic Tarot Reading $35

★Psychic Reading $40

★Psychic Crystal Ball Reading $45

★Ancient Ruin Stone Reading $60

★Full Spiritual Cleanse $100 (Includes Chakras,Aura,and Cutting Cords)

★Full life Balancing $70

★Full love Cleansing $50

★Relationship spell $100


Im a Born Gifted 9th Generation Individual With The Powers & Knowledge To Heal And Save Knowing At a Young Age My Mother Had the Gift I Soon Enough Found That I Was The Same As Her But My Abilities Was Much Heightened Then of those Before me As She Told Me More About My Gifts And Shared With Me Storys Of her Past and About my Ancestors She Later Explained to Me i Was One of the Strongest Psychic’s In The Family I Wasn’t Surprised Though Because At the Age Of 4 Years Old i Had a Vision Of that Very Same Conversation We Had, As Young Child i Was Always Foreseeing Visions of The Future And Communicating With Higher Spirits In the 5th Realm And as In Astral Form I Just kept enhancing my Spiritual Abilities Learning All Ways of Arts and Methods Of Helping and Healing I lived In Europe The early 10 Years Of my Life That’s when i Started To Become a Healer I learned Most of My Abilities At Those Times For the Ongoing Years I now Live in Toronto

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