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Love Guru/Reuniter & Spiritual Healer Here Too Give You Insight On All Matters Of Life, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED


PLEASE CALL BACK WHEN CHAT DROPS Superior too any advisor, I’m here to help you with all matters of life. My goal is to satisfy all of my clients with the answers they deserve and have been seeking so please allow me to guide you onto your destined path with the least questions asked. Tuning into your energies with my powerful clairvoyance I tell you past, present, and future with timeframes and accurate predictions for your SATISFACTION GUARANTEED READING AND LIFE ADVICE & GUIDANCE I have yet to fail with any client I have read for yet. My strong powerful abilities that I have been blessed with at birth will give me all of the answers you need to your road to happiness and success.


With over 20 years of experience I’am a gifted at birth 6th generation clairvoyant here to help those in need of spiritual guidance and insight on the aspects they need the most. Allow me to guide you on your path to happiness with tools such as: Palm Tarot Astrology Numerology Angel cards Past lives Rune I cover all aspects such as love & relationships, finance & career, health & sickness, friends & family, past lives & soulmates, reuniting lovers, and more.

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09 Jan 2016 satisfactory ranking sugarb2425

Update: During the reading she made me feel as though everything she said was accurate and would come to pass. Bitwine says that she is online, but I think that she has blocked me since it won't allow me to chat with her or anything. Now, this all is causing me to think that none of what she said will happen, and that all this time of being in contact with her was a waste. Very disappointed I trusted her. Leaving satisfactory only because the reading sounded good, but not happened.

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01 Jan 2016 satisfactory ranking hersh215

Picked up on situation accurately

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29 Dec 2015 satisfactory ranking truemuskoka

Nice lady to speak to and gave me answers but the timeframe didnt come to pass i didnt hear shortly after christmas but i will wait and see I will update if it does come to pass. Thnx

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27 Dec 2015 satisfactory ranking wantinglove89

Was a good reading. Just a little confused bc I have two exes returning (one I want but he will contact me but not the contact I want idk what that means) and then another ex. reader did email me after to clarify somethings will update Update: no contact happened was told contact would happen to wish me a happy no yr and it didn't waited a few more days and still nothing

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25 Dec 2015 satisfactory ranking sweetie22

Had to readings were good. On 3rd time she start pushing negativity removal stuff, the usual. Now I don't think the other readings were real she never mentioned it before. Why today? Thank you but no thank you P.s. Don't want to offend you I'm sure you good reader and person but I really don't like be taken advantage of...sorry...

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