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Freddie is the author of The Shining Within Me: Communications from the Afterlife. The Foreword is by the world renowned psychic medium Concetta Bertoldi

Freddie gives readings on Love, Career, Finance and more. He is a Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentiant, Empathic, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master.

He comes from a very large family that has a psychic and medium background which goes back several generations. His maternal great grandmother and grandmother were both Mediums, and his mother is a psychic Medium.

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For over six years, Freddie has provided professional Psychic and Mediumship readings that have literally saved or drastically transformed lives.

With an eye toward expanding his God-given abilities, Freddie has become a Master in Reiki and can manipulate the energy centers in the chakras to facilitate healing. He can also use his intuitive talents to see into troubled areas of the body and locate blockages where energy is not flowing properly.

As word of his accuracy has spread, Freddie has been given more opportunities to share his unique gifts with larger audiences. He has given readings on the radio many times.


At age six, Freddie began to experience phenomena that were considered to go beyond the normal range of human awareness. He was dealing with overwhelming sights and impressions that others could not see or understand; the world soon became a frightening place. He was told his abilities went against the Christian church that he was brought up in and that no one could do the things he did. In his heart he knew that those who were making that assumption or judgment (however well intentioned), were mistaken. He was forced to ignore his religious upbringing in favor of a more spiritual path. He chose instead, to discard the accusations that his abilities went against God. He felt certain that his paranormal gifts were given to him by God for the purpose of helping others.

Freddie has since provided thousands of readings and amongst them are those which have made life altering and lasting impressions for the individuals he has helped.

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11 Sep 2009 excellent ranking annmarie80

he is very good!!! he answered all my questions.

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28 Aug 2009 satisfactory ranking Guest (unregistered)

Too vague...

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28 Aug 2009 excellent ranking Guest (unregistered)

Freddie is extremely accurate. I've never had a bad reading from him. When my girlfriend was in a car accident, in a coma with severe brain injury, and the next of kin were being notified, Freddie said she would pull through and get better. I didn't believe him, but he was right. She's out of the coma and started to speak a little and is improving daily. I really think he's amazing! He also told me things in my personal relationship that came true every time.

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15 Aug 2009 satisfactory ranking liz (unregistered)


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14 Aug 2009 excellent ranking Guest (unregistered)

Freddie was right every single time I talked to him; he always told me what was going to happen and it always came true. I highly recommend him

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