Twin Flame Expert Kelly White

No sugar coating! I do not tell you what you want to hear to make you happy I tell you what you need to hear to make a change! I am a relationship and soulmate specialist.


I can tell you if he/she is cheating. Does he/she love you, Why isn’t he/she contacting or responding to you, What or who is standing in the way of your relationship, Will he/she come back. I am very honest and straight to the point. I specialize in love and relationship. But I can look into any situation or circumstances you may be facing. I can also help with meditation techniques and reunite soulmates and help you find your twin flame. Find out what He/She is thinking in just a few min. I don’t need or use any tools, only your name and date of birth.

""I don’t start charging until I pick up on your situation""

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Love & Light

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a gifted psychic with over 20 years of experience.

I don’t have any degrees because my gift is not something I was taught or studied. I was born with my gift and I discovered it at age 9. I worked on my energy through deep meditation, fasting and prayer to further my ability to see, hear and feel energy from other people more clearly.

This gift started with my great grandmother and past down through generation to me and my daughter who is 9 and starting to see colors and feel vibrations.


I have worked with all walks of life from your average person struggling with day to day issues to law enforcement, celebrities and congress. I started reading professionally at the age of 14 to the age of 18 then took a short break to work on my gift. I then opened my own business doing readings, teaching meditation and healing when I was 21. I have been advising clients since then in person, on the phone, in email and online.

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