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MONTHLY INSIGHTS:Tells You About Whats In Store For The Next 30 Days.

YEARLY INSIGHTS: More Of What The Next 365 Days Ahead Of You Looks Like

SPY READING: reads his/her mind,wants,needs and intentions can even determine cheating and affairs.

TAROT CARDS: a full deck tuning into the past present and future!

LOVE READING: focusing on all things love.

OLD FASHION: the old fashion reading is the crystal ball passed down from generations of my psychic family. can read all things in the future.

ENERGY READING: the energy reading can tap into your spiritual side. have spiritual abilities? explore them further and get in touch with them. also connects with your spirit guides.

ask about your chakra and aura!!



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Ariel is Licensed in the City of Las Vegas & State of Texas. with 2 Locations In Texas!


I am Ariel, I am a Certified Life Coach With The Gift Of Clairvoyance. I Have Learned To Use Both My Psychic Ability And Spiritual Counseling As One, I Have Found The Possibilities Are Endless. For Over 10 Years I Have Been Mastering My Purpose By Helping People With My Gift! Give Me a Call Today For Honest And True Insight Along With The Best Advice For Your Situation

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05 Jul 2018 unsatisfactory ranking teddy41

Another sugar coater since 8th June.. I don't know why I tortured myself like this.. I have never heard from POI again yet all she tells me is how ready he is to make a commitment, discuss what went wrong in the past and move forward together. Every single reading is positive and what I want to hear and NOTHING has transpired. Will review latest reading after this one in 10 days which is the max I can wait to rate it, and if anything changes for me, I will mention it then. Otherwise, unsatisfied and another colossal waste of money.

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06 Feb 2018 unsatisfactory ranking jennmiller

I keep putting my trust in her about this man and coming back for reassurance,I was told had fallen for me but just needed time. Today he messages me to tell me he not only has feelings for another woman (when I was told there was nobody else) and that I need to move on and forget about him, he doesn’t have any feelings for me, and then he blocked me after telling me to never contact him again. So why can’t people here on bitwine be honest. Sorry I feel this man has no feelings, move on, does a whole lot of good then false hope, and being told he and I would be a long term relationship I just need to wait it out. I was just told the other day that he wanted me, was trying to find a way to show me his feelings, have me over. Show me he is ready for the next step. Lol

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03 Feb 2018 unsatisfactory ranking jennmiller

If I only had one session how can I leave more then one feedback? And I came to you last year too? Why did you tell me he had strong feelings and there was no other woman when he randomly confessed today he has feelings for another woman? And does not want me, we were just hanging out as friends having fun. That he does not have any feelings, Move on, don’t ever contact him again? But you tell me he has feelings for me and wants more, and that he wants it, and is trying to figure out to come to me, show me: um? Yes it’s what I wanted to hear but I also needed the truth. Which he clearly gave last night. The people here need to be honest, because this is damaging to me. I’m in a whole world of hurt right now living with the false hope you gave

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22 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking lancelee96

non responsive

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