Answers to all your questions. Feel Free to contact Me Everything I do is for your benefit. Astrology Tarot and I Ching readings. Counseling related to family and emotional relationships, business partnerships, comparative horoscopes for persons in a relationship or have problems in the same. Calculation of annual, monthly horoscope, answers to any specific questions within the annual and monthly cycles. Calculation of days of pregnancy and common terms for delivery, determine the sex of the child. Calculation of the most optimal date for relocation sale purchase of immovable and movable property. Calculation of the ideal date of birth, with maximum emotional compatibility to your date and hour of birth, This is mathematically 100% ACCURATE method.This is very complicate method, it takes me 6h up to 12h of constant calculation, there is no software for this. This is unique method, i think that I am only one or one of few people who can do that kind of calculation..

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As the others advisors, i have also a past behind Me. Im trying to stay in right path. Have spiritual practice.I found some answers in My life. Still in search for some answers Nothing unusual…


The humble practitioner of Astrology Tarot and I Ching with 30 years reading experience. Don’t hesitate, don’t have any doubts. In 30 years of experience, i learned something, not everything, but something. I dont need to prove myself, this is not why im here. YES, Im here to earn, to pay my bills, and above all, to serve you. All i will do is for Your benefit.. There is NO other way

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Languages: English, Croatian Bosnian, Serbian,Slovenian, Macedonian, Some German, and all slavic languages, i understand little Spanish

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30 Aug 2015 excellent ranking andreabrown29

Good reading and was very generous with his time. Patient and understanding as well. I WILL come back to him

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13 Aug 2015 excellent ranking taugirl63 (unregistered)

Very good reader and fast typist. And also generous with his time. Detailed and straight to the point. I can really recommend Miro.

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10 Aug 2015 satisfactory ranking gtoledo

Thank you very much for all your advices

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05 Aug 2015 excellent ranking smc90

I had a great rating, not so good news, but I trust him. He makes a lot of since and picked up on my character right away. I will wait to see how things play out. He is very generous with time, thank you so much!

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26 Jul 2015 satisfactory ranking pandovski

This reading was very interesting. We got into some other areas of my life and that took some time because he needed to do calculations, but he was generous enough (again!) to talk to me for this long. I think you may learn a lot from what information he could provide you with based on your questions or concerns. EXCEPT ONE THING: He was reading on my career area and he mentioned that I have a "destructive life" which I am shocked to hear because I do NOT have a destructive life, so I don't know why he told me that. I may not have gotten the perfect career yet, but that doesn't mean I'm in ruins! This reading was a little depressing... lol. I was looking for a little hope but I will still keep the things he's told me in mind but I truly appreciate what he's done for me and we'll see how things go. I'll take things with a grain of salt as I know that nothing is set in stone. I have to remain positive and work hard. That is all. However, thanks for your time...

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