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Finally, after a 4 month journey, I have returned and am available again on Bitwine! I am here to help heal. Whatever the situation may be, the TRUTH will be spoken and revealed. It is YOU that speaks. It is YOU that creates. It is YOU that can guide yourself towards LIGHT. I AM here to assist you find that & guide you. This is my GIFT. Please leave a message to arrange an appointment if I do not answer your call; Or try again as I may be pre-occupied with artistic "outlets". I WILL respond. If you would just like a "reading" then ASK for what deals I may have available for you. Everyone is different depending on ones needs and I am happy to accommodate. Please take advantage of the introductory time to discuss these options. Only accept if you feel the light.

Supporting LGBT Communities. All Welcomed.

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Artistè. ABR – Ari.Spirit Healing. Complete Guide to Tarot Online – Cassandra Eason – Crystals - Asylum Seeker Welfare Manager – Mental Health Awareness Training – Over 25 years experience consulting the Tarot Cards.


III Decades of helping & guiding those near me. I work with Spirit who channels through me to deliver messages sourced from the divine source itself, LOVE & LIGHT. I work with a variety of decks to obtain clear and precise information. I am known as Ares. Aristocratissa. Ari. A Healer, A Poet, A photographer, A writer, A Mystic. I enjoy fine arts and beauty in all its magickal forms.

My service via skype allows your senses to be engaged through ritual with candles, feathers and crystals.

I am registered with the Australian Business Registry as Ari.Spirit.Healing. I offer services within Tasmania through my business in Glenorchy. I travel frequently and am happy to arrange one on one services throughout Australia when away from home.

My Ancestry Traces back to the Roman/Greek/Egyptian Empire. I source the Wisdom of my Roots through Mythology & Zeus himself. My feminine side traces generations of clairvoyance. My mothers Blood is mixed. Persian/Roman with a rooted connection to Gypsies. My masculine side harbours generations of wisdom. My fathers Blood flows throughout the mediterranean, the Minoan Empire birthed in Crete. I am a balance of both.

My gift of insight has always been with me, held closely and nurtured. My awakening is what has brought me here. I have been guided by Spirit to utilise this gift for the greatest of all goods; to heal & provide clarity.

If you are genuine and are looking for guidance to heal & obtain insight, then I am here for you.

Payment is negotiable as set out by the terms of service within Bitwine.

If you are an unregistered user, I will not use the 3 min introductory time to make "predictions". THIS time is utilized to allow us to relax and connect so that we can WORK towards insight. Do you understand? If not, please do not waste time.

Love and Light to all xox -Ari, Ares.

Testimonials: "Thank you for a beautiful reading. You have an amazing gift. You gave me clarity to confirm I am on the right journey for now & I wore my rose crystal yesterday asking for reassurance & you came to me "thank you" I feel blessed today ☺️❤️ Hugs & kisses & love & light to you xoxo" – D.Voyce (Perth, AUS)

"Wow, I felt relaxed, cleansed, at peace when the reading was finished, with a feeling of clarity that I am on the right path and gratefulness towards the universe to be able to share such an unplanned experience with you! Thank you, kisses, hugs and light to you!" – H.Porchette (Queensland, AUS)

"Wow, what a surprising encounter! Thank you so much Ari for an amazing reading last night. You totally nailed my current state and have given me renewed faith in my journey. I got up today feeling happy and positive towards life in general." K.Herring (Kalgoolie WA, AUS)

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Languages: English/Greek

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20 Apr 2015 satisfactory ranking parvatilove

she was very kind and sweet... really lovely but i didnt get anything i didnt already know. I was hoping for some detail, or constructive help. She assured me a long term relationship, but when i asked how we get from the current totally broken situation to that, all i got was to listen to my intuition and that it will happen, nothing more about the path ahead or how to fix things :/

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