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Spiritual Psychic Reading - Guidance With The Power Of The Stars, in relationships, career, manifestation and in creating the experiences of your reality.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed direct communication with Angels, Spirits, Celestial Friends and other Beings.

I AM a gifted chart, past life and energy reader with a high level of accuracy. I have been reading for many years. RELATIONSHIP ISSUES? Ask me about the TOTAL ENERGY CLEANSING! Heal all turpitudes!

Get an all-in-1 spiritual psychic reading. Ask a question on any topic of reality (personal or collective) that you would like answered – and the answer will be channeled through my guides, celestial friends, archangels and/or your guides, celestial friends and/or guardian angels.



This is an open ended spiritual analysis. Want guidance with regard to career, family, health, money, relationships? Would you like to see its relation to dreams, past lives, healings and / or energy blockages? Spirit is ready to be of service to you.

mY gUidEs sPecialiZe in tHemEs of lOve, rElaTiOnShiPs aNd cAreEr

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Top 5 Reviews

elle " I reread his readings from 2016 and they still resonated perfectly for me. As a matter of fact, things he said that didn’t make sense to me at the time, all clicked together and seem so obvious in retrospect."

satrica "Amazing insight! Spot on ~ I first spoke to Michael in 2015 and he was just as accurate then as he was today. Such a beautiful spirit!! Thank you"

littlemg "Michael truly resides on a high vibration on this Earth plane. His insight is always clear and in-depth on a soul level. He has also confirmed that my communication with higher beings are indeed listened to when I didn’t even mention it. I feel like I could learn a plethora of spiritual knowledge from this man. Very enlightening! Unique reader indeed! And also thank you for the generosity again. It will go a long way :)"

katielouise "Fast typer…detailed….i will come back!"



I am an empath, can feel others’ energy patterns and frequencies and am in tune with the universe. I also offer spiritual guidance through my gifts of, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

Additionally, I’m a life and relationship coach.

Further Experience: I started off as a healer. I am able to perform energy cleansing and resets to help clear you, your relationshipS, career or home of energetic debris.

Then, I raise the vibration, bringing you into alignment with cooperative components of the Universe, bringing more of what you desire into your physical reality.

You’ll experience peace of mind, relaxation, joy and profound synchronicities.. You’ll be able to sleep better, make sound decisions and navigate life with more clarity.

This will provide the positive shift that you’ve been looking for.

Create Your Reality With The Guidance Of The Stars!*

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