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“Bumper Offer : Ask till satisfaction only in $30”…Sharad Kumar Soni is an Adviser, Author, Astrologer and Psychic, Having 15+ Years Exp…Satisfaction confirmed… I am here to visible the things that hard to be visible & Answer the questions that hard to Answered. I provide very detailed and accurate readings in the area of Career, Business, Sudden Gain, dispute, property, love, relationship, etc. There is no reason to be alone or to be frustrated and confused about your current situation. Call me for clarity and assurance about your problems… "TRY TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH”

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Author of Best Seller eBook "Take Astrology as a Helping Tool in Real Life" & "Mysterious Swastika: The Hidden Cause of Hitler’s Birth" & "Interesting Thoughts by SHARAD KUMAR SONI" Vol.1 & Vol.2 [ Free Ebook Available ] by SHARAD KUMAR SONI, M.Sc. IN STATISTICS & This work is God gifted…

Predictions come true by SHARAD KUMAR SONI

First [ Media / Entertainment ] : Vipul, Indian Idol 6 [2012]

Second [ Politics ]: Barack Obama, US President [2012]

Third [ Entertainment ]: Ripu Handa, MasterChef (Kitchen Ke Superstar) [2013]

Fourth [ Entertainment ] : Syed & Okasana (Cine ‎Star Ki ‎Khoj) [2014]

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Few many of them Interesting/Inspirational Quotes/Thoughts by SHARAD KUMAR SONI

“When Patriotism express with out propaganda, that is called real Patriotism. When Patriotism express with propaganda, that is called Politics.”

“Success always/mostly comes on right action under suitable/favorable circumstances.”

"Beware while saying anything, which could change your future more effectively.Words have more effective than Karma like Light effect sees first then Sound while lightning."

"Honesty remain pure until honest person do not get chance to earn extra money in most of the cases."

"Parents are most soft while giving punishment. Law could be little soft while giving punishment.But God/Nature is not soft at all while giving punishment as God/Nature gives lot chance before giving final punishment."

"When Name known by Work, it bring long-term Fame.When Work known by Name, it bring short-term Fame."

“Life survive between First and Last breath! That is up to us, in this given chance, how we deliver our promises and commitment.”

“When people proud on you its good, when you start to proud yourself its not good as after a level it could be cause of your downfall.”

“Half-truth is very dangerous than Untruth, because half-truth mostly present with manipulate the real things negatively.”

Preface of "Take Astrology as a Helping Tool in Real Life" by SHARAD KUMAR SONI

Sometimes I think I am an Astrologer/Psychic, or not. When I started to read astrology, I never kept full faith in it. I was very clearly aware of one thing: Without any “karma,” you would not get anything in life. So I prefer reallife experience to astrology.

Karma is always on top, whether you have knowledge of astrology or not. Astrology itself says that to get results from astrology, you need to do hard work and have karma. In this regard, some hard-working people say destiny is nothing, only karma. I agree totally, but at the same time, I believe one thing very deeply: Our bodies are made of many things, and in a body, one part plays a major role: the mind. And what the role of the mind is everyone knows. The mind commands the body; with those commands, the body starts to work.

Do you know how the mind gets commands to think or to make a wish? It is very simple: from planets or a natural system that directs us to do things, and we focus our efforts as per the commands on the body.

You can see for yourself that wishes do more than the mind and karma. Wishes always come at the right time as per destiny.

How can we read destiny? There astrology plays a major role. But I still say that you must not keep full faith in astrological predictions; astrology itself is perfect, but no one can say that about the astrologer, the one who makes the predictions.

I believe we should take astrology as a helping tool to make our lives perfect and well-planned. Army soldiers, for instance, plan strategies before going to war so that the chances of winning would increase or the chances of losing would decrease.

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31 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking littlecosta

He was horrible. I wish I could screenshot my chat and show it to you all. He is a joke don't waste your time or money. He waste time and doesn't connect. Horrible experience. He should not be on this site.

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17 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking ferns09

i can only say it was not a psychic reading.i Did not get answers to my questions .he was saying stay focus , stay positive , my mother tells me this everytime.don't waste your money friends.kindly refund.

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09 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking meganschwobe

Disappointed because he stopped talking in the middle of the reading and didn't respond to me.

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03 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking traysolo

He took my money and never entered the session

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02 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking jessrest105

I deff need a refund didn't connect answered in one word and than didn't respond for 20 min till the chat ended hope he never makes another dollar in this website so unprofessional for people that actually come in need do not waste your time on him he just wants your money and trust me he does not answer your questions or even respond to it knowledge that you're there once you click yes for the money he ignores you it's like he goes about his day so unprofessional can't wait until caramel hits him in the face trust me people do not waste your time I am of you to myself and sometimes we need assurance and what he does and it on my reading after I paid and didn't respond correctly and then ignored me for 20 minutes was very unprofessional and n people don't need that

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