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Sassy, Yet Authentic Tarot Consultations


No fluff! Or hippie new-age garble. I use a combination of tarot, Qabalistic and occult knowledge to provide you with the best possible reading. Life is made of goop for you to mold.

Remember, you are always in charge of your destiny. Your reading is a means of showing you what is happening now and if you stay on your current path what the most likely outcome will be. The outcome is in your hands and what you decide to do with the information you are given is your self created destiny.

I use Tarot for divination, intuitive readings, and ritual as an art form. I prefer using the private email format because this enables me to take my time in delivering an in-depth and detailed tarot reading.

My email readings come complete with the actual pictures and the layout of the cards I have drawn for you.

Message and contact me today! I will get back to you if I’m not online, just leave a message. Thank you!

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