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Hello my name is Tammy and I have been helping people to find there right pathway in life for over 25 years.. I’m very understanding and patient with any questions you have about any situation in your life, whether it be – Love – Divorce- Breakups- Finacial-Jobs or just life in general.Trying to find your purpose and goals or needing someone to get you balanced,I’m the ONE you need to reach out to.I am here for giving advice in all matters and also to advise you in what is the best direction you need to take. Do not feel alone anymore I’m able to help you.. So try me now for a better tomorrow!!! My ablities are through Psychic energy , Tarot Cards ,Spritual guidance and also very much so with Love guidance as well all names and date of births are needed in the situation for details … Whatever it maybe that u need I’m here to listen and help in everyway I can.. HONEST ANSWERS ALWAYS SO GIVE ME A TRY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

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I’m a born psychic meduim-claryavoint-and have been helping people with my gift for over 25 years now. I’m fantastic at reuinting lovers and also chakra balancing and medatation..


My work has been for over 25 years now helping people with Chakra Balancing, Healing and medatation, and Tarot Readings and Psychic and Crystal Readings and also Spritual help as well. I have also been working over the internet to help others for 15 years now..

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