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I walk with angels in my daily life, and take great pride in helping those in need. I will be honest with you from start to finish, and I will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you might want to hear.

I am able to communicate with angels and deities and I can channel them. I am also a second generation witch, able to do spellwork to help you attain your goals. I am here to help you reach your full potential, to reach the enlightenment which you seek. Nothing makes me happier than helping a soul reach fulfillment. Let us take that journey together.

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Come from a family of magical practitioners, trained from a very young age, guided by spirits, and have worked closely with houngans and mambos.


I have been involved in the spiritual community for the past five years as a practitioner and spirit keeper. I have cleansed countless people of their negative energy and helped heal them spiritually. I have been able to read energy my whole life in depth, as in I can see the color of, taste, smell, feel, and hear a person’s energy.

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