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Advice and guidance from your soul self for any problems in your life and how to get on the correct path to live the life you are meant to live.


I am unusual in the way I connect to my clients. I am one of the few that are gifted with being able to connect to your true soul self. As such I can see your past lives and how they affect you, all of your soul mates and the contracts you have with them as well as life lessons and goals you have set for yourself for this lifetime. I can set you on the right path if you have deviated from it and provide practical advice. I will always be honest. If a person is your soulmate but is no longer right for you and your mission with them is done, I will tell you. No use hanging on to useless baggage when there is something better around the corner.

I can connect with spirit guides and even channel them as well as other spirits who might have messages for you. A natural born witch, I can also do spellwork to help you attain your goals. Last but not least I can also uncover any gifts you have and work with you to develop them. A reading with me will leave you with a deeper understanding of yourself

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I am a natural born witch, empath, Mambo with deep connections to the Orishas especially Yemaya and Oya and to the Loa Anaisa Loa of love, money and luck. I am also an Energy Healer,Crystal Healer,Rootworker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and teacher. I have been trained in various forms of divination (including Tarot)Spirit channeling, spellwork,and conjuring by masters in their field


I have been reading and healing people since my childhood, it just came naturally to me. Since then I have developed my skills and have worked in a variety of places and online doing readings, spellwork, hypnosis,conjuring, and advising clients on a number of things.

Half hour energy healing session $45. I will not replace your doctor nor can I heal physical health concerns. If you pay for 5 sessions up front I will give you the 6th free.

Spellwork will be priced according to complexity (and are on top of the prices for readings) but will require a minimum half hour reading to discover if work is necessary, supplies, percentage of it working and your part in it. I can guide you through doing a spell yourself, doing it with me, or having me do it. Note! 98% of the time I will have you do a cleansing of yourself and your house before any other work is done to maximize your chances of success unless we have worked together before. This is considered part of the spell process so the fees will always include that. Spellwork is never guaranteed for the same reason Dr’s and Lawyers don’t guarantee their services. I have a 95-98% success rate and have not had any complaints yet. I will be honest what your chances for success are before we begin so you can decide for yourself. I believe that is fair to us both.

Other services such as centering, shielding, teaching, developing your gifts are also available.

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