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I am an experienced Tarot reader and i practice the Art with honor and great respect for my predecesors. I dedicate my entire atention to help my clients achieve great insight into all areas and walks of their lives: love, family, money, great choices and more subtle, spiritual aspects of ones life. The Tarot for me is not only a tool of divination but also a perfect way to discover yourself and to experience the truth about your real spiritual nature. I will share my knowledge with you and try to bring some light into the realm of your own destiny. A wise person once said that who hold in his hand a pack of Tarot cards, is in fact holding the entire universe there. Every Tarot cards tells a story. A story about love, sufferance, misery, enlightement, lonliness, joy, gratitude, compassion, fullfilment of all desires. Come to my Readings and have a genuine experience of your own destiny shown to you! I bid you all Greetings! May you all be Blessed with happy and long lifes! So mote it be!...

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Transpersonal psychology studies have a good understanding on how the collective mind works. My job is to connect my intuition to the collective mind and to bring out of it any information or state of soul or mind that my client has need for. I use the Tarot cards as tools in this direction. Tarot is one of the best mirrors in reflecting the collective and individual soul. We can call it Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World. So, my individual soul plunges deep into what mystics call Anima Mundi. It’s one of the greatest Arcana to understand and put into live practice. Are you ready to go deep with me down the rabbit hole? If yes, take my hand and lets jump in !...


Dream Visionary experiences, meditations, intuitive flashes. I am an Empath and i can sense the energy of others using my tarot cards as gateways in this purpose. I practice prayer as my main tool to light up my soul. Prayer is the best way of protection in contacting God’s Grace. No work that i do implies things that are not liked by God. I am a trusty reader and interpreter of visions and cards. For me, helping you, my client, is a sacred duty that i love to carry on. I had my share of visions and experienced bits of enlightement. My Empath intuition is very sharp and i can direct it to whatever is needed by my client to see and understand. An attitude full of compassion towards my clients is my main cornerstone.

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13 Mar 2018 excellent ranking lep93

I am a repeat client of Julia’s. She is so honest and true. She knows things that should couldn’t possibly know based off of what I’ve told her. She is so caring and compassionate and helpful. I appreciate everything about her. Do yourself a favor and have a reading with Julia. She deserves a million clients a day. Thanks so much for getting me to where I am today. And I look forward to next time. Lots of love xxx

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11 Mar 2018 excellent ranking caprica

I've always read with her time and again, and she always digs deep into the issues, showing a knowledge of what's happening and offering you an empowering way to handle it. Past, present, and future are all unveiled but with destiny always in your hands. Very compassionate, very thorough, very helpful. Try her out, you won't be disappointed.

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03 Mar 2018 excellent ranking pica1234

wonderful and always so kind. Appreciate her help and kindness

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01 Mar 2018 excellent ranking chasitylynn2001

Really accurate and picked up on things I did not tell her.

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26 Feb 2018 excellent ranking maa

Always wonderful! You have a beautiful heart!

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