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Spiritual Psychic Guidance; Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Love & Life Coaching, Meditative Readings, Conscious Channeling, Astrology, and much more!


PLEASE SEE GUARANTEE IN EXPERIENCE SECTION My name is Mae and I’ve been an empath my entire life. I have been giving professional psychic readings for approximately ten-years. I began providing guidance to clients over a virtual platform for seven-years and offer a variety of psychic, metaphysical, and healing services since to clients worldwide. I am returning to performing online readings after two-years and am starting my reading low here low. I have a reputation for a very high accuracy rating and am dedicated to maintaining a professional and therapeutic rapport with every client. I am very dedicated to providing clients with insight and guidance to assist them in making the most informative choices with the issues that matter the most. Spiritual life coaching has been a part of my personal journey and enhancing my conscious connection to all of humanity is just as much of an endeavor to me as it is for my clients to benefit from receiving a reading from me.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have worked with a very reputable guide online; the Crystal Guild. I have studied various forms of occult and divination as well as theology and forms of philosophy. I have studied tarot, iChing, Reiki, Crystal divination, forms of energy manipulation, astral projection, meditative channeling, remote viewing, and studied ancient forms of such practices in healing, future guidance, and philosophy. Additionally, I also have many years of life coaching and educated in psychology with experience in professional counseling.


GUARANTEE After years of experience in performing readings I stand behind my abilities as a psychic life coach. However, there are times I am not able to connect for various reasons. If you feel I did not connect with you during the first 5-minutes then any funds may be returned to you once the transaction has been completed. Please understand how psychic readings work. This doesn’t mean that I will be able to read absolutely everything in your mind but instead I channel energy, emotion, messages, situations, etc.

After much experience and learning what life has to offer, the most valuable experience I have achieved is the experience of "oneness". We are all connected and by this method accuracy is available through psychic guidance and empaths. We share a universal conscious origin. I have assisted in healing relationships, aiding in finding direction, recovering from life crisis, assisting soul mates, identifying karmic patterns, soul contract fulfillment, soul mates, twin flames, and simultaneous/past life comprehension or synergy into a deeper understanding of anything you experience to give you peace, understanding, and direction. There is optimism and growth in every scenario.

I have many years working alongside psychic guilds and also as a healer. I am able to pick up energy easily, offer guidance, provide multiple perceptions in which to view your path. Due to extensive study in mysticism, holistic healing, and natural abilities I am able to identify problematic areas whether in physical or subtle bodies and aid in providing viable solutions in how to improve your situation and life.

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