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The world we live in is much larger than what we normally are able to sense. I was gifted with the ability to find patterns in our lives and communicate with spirits. It is my purpose in life to share this gift with the world and work to heal both humans and spirit beings. Find the root of these things that trouble you. Whether you need healing or spiritual coaching for a certain situation in your life (love, money, family, health, etc.) or are troubled by spirit beings I can help. I approach all situations with the perspective of "what can be done to heal this situation" and will give you honest clear advice. You will never feel judged. I can help to cross over spirits that are stuck and offer my prayers for the healing of all beings. I have helped many different types of people in many different situations, including healing from demonic possession and spirit attachment. If you think you might be a psychic, medium or otherwise sensitive I can help you discover and explore your natural abilities.

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Trust your gut and your intuition. You know who’s real and who is just pulling you along for a ride. I don’t recognize any authority that gives such esoteric degrees, but I am a Reiki 2 healer, druid and trained herbal healer. I have many wonderful teachers and mentors during my life. I am a starseed, indigo adult and highly sensitive person. I demonstrated psychic and mediumship abilities from childhood and grew into them over the course of many many years. I spent years struggling with chronic illness and have healed myself. I have not lived an easy life, but I have been blessed with these powerful gifts to heal others, myself, and all beings. I guard the boundary between the world of the living and the world of spirits. I have no fear and no doubt. I achieve everything in my life through faith and prayer, using the techniques of meditation and yoga. I believe in Advaita, the ultimate infinite oneness of all of existence as Divine.


I grew up in a place where people sort of believed but doubted in psychics and spirits and could not support or help me with my struggles to understand the world I experienced. I struggled on my own and lived in fear for years until finding a spiritual community and teacher that could help. I first worked on healing myself of my emotional and mental struggles. Unfortunately I became chronically ill at a young age and worked passionately to heal myself on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I saw the connections and dug out the root patterns, freeing myself from all the things that troubled me. Without this layer of my own traumas, personal issues and prejudices I am able to be a clear channel for psychic information during readings. I also experienced a call to work as a medium and spirit worker. I had always been able to see and sense spirits but for many years I was terrified, confused and doubted my own senses. Now I work closely with spirits that are stuck on our plane of existence, guarding the boundaries and helping them back to their own realms as necessary. I have traveled to important holy sites all over the world including Mt. Shasta California, Burningman Nevada, the sacred rainforests of Costa Rica, Glastonbury England, Anglesey Wales, Meiji Shrine Tokyo, Varanasi India, Sarnath India, Hardidwar India, Kathmandu Nepal.

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28 Sep 2014 excellent ranking Kathy  (unregistered)


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11 Jul 2014 excellent ranking laurelle

Generous with time and kind :)

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17 Jun 2014 excellent ranking irizm

She connected really quick and gave me insight and advice I was looking for. Very nice lady! :)

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