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Esther neptune

Esther Neptune


Hi, my mystical name is Esther Neptune. I am an expert in astrology having access to software tools and Tarot that can guide me to know and understand your life journey.

I have been on Bitwine for over 3 years. I enjoy the Bitwine platform due to the fact it is a bit more flexible to use than other platforms. I type LIGHTNING FAST (80WPM)!

In 2015, I upgraded my TAROT efficiency using the Android app, GALAXY TAROT. I can now answer two to three questions per minute rather than having to wait for shuffling. I synthesize an interpretation and don’t merely state the cards. This provides you with a more efficient and insightful reading!

In addition to my knowledge on the TAROT, I can also analyze your relationships from an astrological perspective. I’ve done thousands of astrological synastries on relationships in my professional reading career, to get a feel for the relationship dynamics of any particular connection. This can help you to discern where a relationship is going in your life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Over 4 years of doing professional psychic readings with an excellent track record.

CERTIFIED and TESTED accurate by a psychic hiring organization that accepts less than 1% of its applicants! (Psychic Access; June, 2017)

I’ve done over 10,000 readings in my psychic career! Previous background as a pharmacist with a bachelor’s degree.

I do have lots of personal, and some professional experiences that have contributed to my ability to not judge situations. In my previous career as a pharmacist, I enjoyed working with psychiatric patients. Therefore, I know the state of the troubled mind. I am blessed by many traumatic life circumstances, so I am less judgmental about your situation!

I plan to become more active on Bitwine for 2018, after taking it easy during 2016-2017 due to a severe illness.

I DO NO FREE READINGS.  Please respect this!  I've been certified and tested accurate which is not true of the majority of readers on this site. You will be blocked if you abuse.

I have known astrology for many years, but got my lucky break as a professional advisor in 2013 on a startup website. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I am expanding my horizons to Bitwine and elsewhere. Here are some of my reviews from the first psychic website I was on (which is now extinct):

You read me like you know me ;) You’re always right about it all! I tell people that we are better friends than anything! Thanks so much <3

Scary good…gives very precise dates and can telly you what to expect in a situation before it happens


Was able to tell me details about my husband’s illness that the doctor had not told us. Later confirmed by the doctor. Awesome psychic!!!

have a gift for analyzing people In great detail.

Everything you could ask for! Accurate, honest, detailed and so very kind. Incredibly generous with her own time and thoughtful! Amazing

Correctly predicted 6 months in advance that a family member would back out of a planned vacation. She’s the best!!!!

Eneptune is efficient and fast in answering questions with great insights. I am so happy to have her read for me .

I got contact and it came to pass on the same day saw :) 29th

Esther is fantastic! The best psychic on this site or in general in my opinion. She is always right on the money!

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-06:00) December 10, 2017, 09:45PM

Location: Madison, WI  (Find on Google Maps)

Last seen: about 11 hours ago

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216 Reviews: 199 Excellent 8 Satisfactory 9 Unsatisfactory

07 Aug 2014 excellent ranking samskeyti

very glad i stopped in. analytical, but explains very well what her interpretation is of the decks. picked up on several things before i could say them, which made me even happier about my decision to stop in. very generous in reading times, truly wants to share her gift.

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07 Aug 2014 satisfactory ranking parvatilove

Just satisfactory. She heavily relied on generalized astrological interpretations based off of our signs/birthdays... generalized meaning she did not do ACTUAL synastry/compatibility which is cut and dry and not open to interpretation. She was innaccurate in this way and I have been studying both western and jyotish astrology for 16 years! Starting the reading with an astrological assessment which is basically just guesswork- without birth times and locations (impossible to be accurate) and then going from there seemed to give her a jaded and incorrect view of things... Some pieces of her tarot reading were accurate with the present/ past, and others were not. She was however very kind and honest and I appreciate that.

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06 Aug 2014 excellent ranking aishadhewar

Great reading and connection. Esther is wonderful and a great lady whogives very insightful and detailed answers. Will recommend her.

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06 Aug 2014 excellent ranking galazala

ty so much ill keep u updated

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06 Aug 2014 excellent ranking s001001

shared a lot of information with me in a short amount of time, gave me a lot to think about, only time will tell! thanks again

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