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Hello, I am Ms Lisa. I am a Psychic Advisor And Spiritual Consultant. I am able to connect to your energies through my spirit guides and visions giving you an accurate and insightful outlook into your future. I am advanced in the studies of Love, Relationships,Singles,Dating, Marriage, & Soulmate Connections. In each reading I channel information from my guides. My readings do not rely on the use of specific devices or methods, but consists of me transmitting to the client advice and predictions which come from spirits and my visions. This gift increases my accuracy to a very high percentage that only the truly gifted can master. It allows me to answer questions about your past, explain your present and unfold the mysteries of your future. I have been developing my gift for over 20 years and pride myself on being upfront, honest, straight to the point and never judge, discriminate or assume to know a answer, I ALWAYS use my true ability and only explain what I see, feel n visionalize for Clients

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I own a psychic business that has has been located in the same area for 17 years, I have also attended many psychic fairs across the globe to enhance my psychic abilities. I am a master in the art of healings and meditations..bringing you the root of each situation and helping to get things back on track! :)


i am a natural spiritual healer, this means that in any situation or case I will search for a solution in order to help you within your life. Step into the Future & Find The Answers U Seek Amazingly accurate & detailed Readings, Gain psychic Insight with practical Advice. There are many reasons to have a psychic reading: maybe you need help clarifying your direction in life because you feel stuck or are fearful of change. Perhaps you have relationship, health and/or family issue that needs clarification. It may be that you are having career/job or financial stress. Whatever your life’s problem/issues are, I can guide you on the right path as I have done for so many others. No problem/issue is too big or small.

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03 Apr 2016 satisfactory ranking meta

Accurate. Waiting to see what happens

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22 Mar 2016 satisfactory ranking jcasillo29

Very descriptive and nice

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07 Mar 2016 satisfactory ranking Faith  (unregistered)

Okay, let's of energy talk instead of details, she's nice though

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27 Feb 2016 satisfactory ranking simplyme678

I am not sure about this reading. I understand that all readers aren't going to see the same things but the two readers that I trust all stated that he wasn't cheating and that he had no interest in any other woman but me. He and I have had many arguments about this so for you to say otherwise is shocking to me. Although I felt he was cheating, I know I am a insecure so maybe my energy is what you were picking up on. I agree with some things but for the most part I am not satisfied with the reading. I would like a refund please.

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20 Jan 2016 satisfactory ranking trace3873

Reading was good, but offered to do cleansing for $325, can't do that

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