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I have a God gifted talent, of reading you past, present and future. I have been reading for 11 yrs, (Clairvoyancy, Remote Viewing, and Reiki are my strong areas.) Empathy is another strong area for me. I speak directly to your spirits, and only deliver the truth, all realistic and accurate answers, along with no-sugar coating, all my readings are positive rather its what you want to hear or not. We are released from certain situations for the better, and sometimes we are blind sided as to why. With the ability I have, its to help, free, and heal those whom are in need of my services. All areas, except passing over is my expertise. Health issues are limited as this is something that should be answered by a medical professional. Predictions are made- as I dont give exact time frames, cause there is no such thing as a exact time- I can give you a estimated or roundabout time.

  • Baby predictions* sexes personality traits, months, and various other info, $30 flat rate 7-10 days reading wait 90% accuracy!
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Clairvoyancy, Certified Reiki Master, Remote Viewer,I speak directly to your Spirits. I have a strong sense of Empathy as well,


I have 11 years of active experience. However this was a gift I was born with and Mastered over years.

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