**Psychic Ericka**

** Psychic Ericka** Love Advisor & Reader and Soulmate Reader 100% No Sugar Coating I have the L.O.V.E Answers you Seek! time is to valuable to waste! find out who is your true Soulmate


222 Angel I HAVE BEEN HELPING OTHERS from all over the World. for Many Years TO FIND There True Love One of my Reading you will be Truly Amaze!! If you are Feeling alone and lost in your life get the Answers that you need Today! Don’t Waste Time trying to figure out where your Love life is Headed! I GUARANTEE With Just One Of My Readings You Will Either Find Or Reunite With Your SoulMate! My Love Readings Are 99.9% Accurate & Unique Feeling Lost,Depressed,Confuse in Your Life TIME Is To VALUABLE To Waste.

*My Special ABILITIES *

Psychic Healing!


Love and Relationship Life Coach

Spiritual Mediation


Card Readings

Tarot Cards Reading

Angel Card Reading*

You understand that once you make payment for any and all Transactions, you will not seek to cancel, charge back, or otherwise seek a refund on any basis.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am East West Born Gifted 3rd Generation Psychic I’m been Helping Others Years Now to Reunite With There Partners And to Rekindle There Relantionship.


I am a Life Coach In Love and Specialize in all types of Readings! I can Help In All Matters In life and Relanionship. I can Help you Rekindling your Relanionship and Reunited with your Love One! with just One Reading you will be Amaze! don’t waste Time anymore Feeling unhappy get the Answers you need today!!I can Help Guide you in your Love life and pick up what is your Partner truly feels for you. if you feel lost worried or Confuse about your love life and need answers you will get a reading that will Amaze you.

I Offer candles For Love,Happiness,Career,Health,Depression,Anxity,Love Healing Candle That Helps clears any Type of Negative that between you and your partner,

I also Offer Many types Of Cleansings for your Aura.

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28 Aug 2018 unsatisfactory ranking perseus.star

She gave me a very vague response when I asked her about making a choice between 2 apartments I've seen. She said I would choose the one near the water...I explained that they are both near the water, I asked her for more details and she said its the one with the big windows....THEY BOTH HAVE BIG WINDOWS...with regards to your response on here, you didn't make it clear if it was the first one I mentioned to you, or the very first apartment that I saw...Sorry but I felt that you were just rushing and guessing and you gave no real details

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11 Apr 2018 unsatisfactory ranking candyapple2017

Every reading she changes the timeframe to one or two months more. Stop guessing with peoples lives!! Not cool. Don’t recommend.

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23 Feb 2018 unsatisfactory ranking jennyliang

She’s awful & her readings are depressing stay away!! And now she will harass me with messages and tell me I can’t take the truth!!! Don’t bother!!! If you message me I will report you to Birwine!!!

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21 Jan 2018 unsatisfactory ranking shazashoo

I am extremely disappointed in this reader I trusted her for more than 3 years and got paid readings over that time!! Not one thing has come true. She just consistently fed me lies and extended time frames and took my money with another new lie...told me a guy would come back from my past....he didn’t!! He has been coming back for over 3 years

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07 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking October  (unregistered)

Everything was repeated and very vague.

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